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12099162 Kính chào các thầy, cô. Khi cài đặt phần mềm , trên PowerPoint và Word sẽ mặc định xuất hiện menu Bộ công cụ Violet để thầy, cô có thể sử dụng các tính năng đặc biệt của phần mềm ngay trên PowerPoint và Word. Tuy nhiên sau khi cài đặt phần mềm , với nhiều máy tính sẽ...
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Người gửi: Phạm Văn Kính (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 09h:00' 01-01-2019
Dung lượng: 2.6 MB
Số lượt tải: 440
Số lượt thích: 0 người

LỚP 6 (chương trình 10 năm)
Năm học 2018- 2019
Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút
(Đề thi có 02 trang)

A. Listening
I. Listen and choose the correct picture. (1.0 point)
1. What’s in Mary’s bowl?
2. Where’s John’s book now?
3. What pet has Jane got?
4. What’s Lucy’s story about?
5. Which woman is Anna’s aunt?

B. Reading
I. Which notice (A-F) says this (1-5)? (1.0 point)
You must not park your car here.
You can`t eat at this restaurant today.
You can ride your bicycle in this route.
You should take off your shoes before you come in.
Don’t walk on the grass.

II. Choose the correct answer from A, B or C to complete the passage. (1.0 point)
Hello! My name’s Peter. I’m (1)_________ America. I’m going to (2)_________ a vacation in Hoi An with my parents for five days. On the first day, we are going to visit Tan Ky House. It is a nearly 200-year-old house.The next day, we are going to visit Japanese Bridge (Chua Cau).  It was built by Japanese merchants in 16th century. The third day, we are going to visit Cham Island. It is one of the (3)_________ beautiful attractions in Hoi An. There we can go swimming and play some beach games. The fourth day, we are going to visit Museum Of Trade Ceramics in Hoi An. When stepping inside the museum, tourists (4)_________ discover a huge selection of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese ceramics. The last day, we are going to Hoi An Central Market. Here, we will buy a lot of local products for souvenirs. And then we are going to fly home. Our vacation will be very (5)_________.
1. A. to B. from C. in
2. A. have B. has C. to have
3. A. more B. less C. most
4. A. will B. have C. are
5. A. boring B. terrible C. interesting
III. Read the passage about Jannifer and choose the best answer. (1.0 point)
Hello, my name is Lan. I am eleven years old. Today I will tell you about my friend. Her name is Jannifer. She lives in Singapore, next to Malaysia. She is two years older than me. She has a younger brother, David. She likes music, swimming and reading books but she doesn’t like playing computer games. She is very friendly and helpful. She is tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. We write emails to each other every week. She says that she is going to visit Viet Nam this summer with her parents and her brother. I will take them to my house and we will visit some natural wonders of Viet Nam such as Ha Long Bay. I am looking forward to that time.
1. Where is Jannifer from?
A. Singapore B. Viet Nam C. Malaysia
2. How old is Jannifer?
A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen
3. What is her personality?
A. music, swimming abd reading
B. tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes
C. friendly and helpful
4. How many people are there in her family?
A. three B. four C. five
5. Which sentence is NOT true about Jannifer?
A. She likes swimming.
B. She likes playing computer games
C. She will visit Viet Nam this summer.
C. Writing.
I. Rewrite the second sentences in such other ways that the meanings stay unchanged with the first ones. (1.5 points)
1. Our new school has twelve classes.
((There are
2. Fasipan is high, Mount Blanc is higher and Mount Everest is the highest.
(Mount Everest is of the three mountains.
3. The Mekong River is longer than the Red River.
(The Red River is
4. “Excuse me! Where is the nearest supermarket?”
(”Excuse me! Can you ?”
5. It is not a good idea when we break things at Tet.
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