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Grade 10

Listen and fill in each gap with NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS:


Thefirstdishis (1)__________________.
Itis rice withseafoodormeat.
Itiscoloredby (2)__________________.
Itsoriginisfrom (3)_________________.
Thethirdis gazpacho.
Itis a soupfrom (5)_________________and uncooked vegetables.
Itistypical of Andalusia.
Itshould be eaten in the (6)______________.

Thesecondis Jamón.
Itisserveddirectlywith bread or (4)________________.
Itiscookedwith vegetables, soup, croquettes...
Thelastis “bacalao”, or (7)______________.
Thereis a variety of recipes.
Soakfish in waterfor (8)________________hoursbeforecooking.

Link audio ://

Spanishcuisineisfamousworldwide. Ifyoutravel to Spain, itwould be a mistakeifyoudidn’t try thefollowingfood.
Thefirstdish to try is paella, whichisspelt P-A-E-L-L-A. Itis rice withseafoodormeatcooked and served in a flat pan withtwohandles. Paella getsits color fromsaffron - a typicalingredient of theMediterranean. Spanishfamiliesoftencook paella onSundays. You can try paella anywhere in Spain, butitoriginated in Valencia.

Thesecondrecommendedfoodis Jamón, whichissalted and driedlegs of pig. It can be serveddirectlywith bread or tapas. It can also be cookedwith vegetables, soup, croquettes and so on. Jamón Ibérico isregarded as a specialty in Spain.
Thenextdishthatyouhave to try is gazpacho - a kind of soupmadefromtomatoes and uncookedvegetables likepeppers, onions, garlic, orcucumbers. Itshould be eatencold. Thisfoodistypical of Andalusia, whichis in thesouth of Spain. Itis popular to eat gazpacho in thesummer.
Ifyou are a big fan of seafood, Spainis a goodchoice. Onekind of fishthatisverywidespreadhereis “bacalao”, orsaltedcodfish. There are hundreds of recipesfor bacalao in Spain. Beforecooking bacalao, youhave to soakit in waterfor 24-48 hours to getrid of thesalt.

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