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KIỂM TRA 1 TIẾT 2019-2020
Tiếng Anh 8
Thời gian: 45’

I. Listen and tick the correct column. There is one example done for you (1pt)


1. The Rice Festival takes place in France.

2. The Rice Festival is in October.

3. It lasts for one week.

4. You can buy rice dishes in the streets.

5. The streets are very quiet during the festival.

I/ . Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined ( 1pt)
1. A. camel B. buffalo C. cattle D. paddy
2. A. fun B. sun C. cut D. surf
3. A. end B. pencil C. open D. bench
4. A. pictures B. watches C. buses D. brushes
II.Choose the best answer A, B, C or D tocomplete the following sentences ( 3pts)
1. I love the people in my village. They are so …………………… and hospitable.
A. friendly B. vast C. slow D. inconvenient
2.Maienjoys to music, especially pop music in her freetime.
A.hearing B. playing C.listening D. taking
3.Youshouldavoid too much TV. It’s not good for youreyes.
A.seeing B.looking C.watching D. glancing
4. You should avoid …………………… too much TV. It’s not good for your eyes.
A. seeing B. looking C. watching D. to watch
5.Life in a small town is …………………… than that in a big city.
A.less peaceful B. much peaceful C. peaceful D. much more peaceful
6. The Viet people have many …………………… customs and crafts.
A.tradition B. traditional C. culture D. customary
7. …………………… ethnic group has a larger population, the Tay or the Ede?
A. What B. Who C. Why D. Which
8. Which ethnic group has the largest population in Viet Nam?.....................................
A. Hmong B. Muong C. Tay D. Kinh
9.Mygrandparentslove very much. There are a lot of beautiful flowers andfresh vegetables in their garden.
A.doinggarden B.doinggardening C.dogardening D. to dogarden
10.Whydon’t we our parents with some DIY projects? I think it’suseful. C.make D. give

I. Read the passage and tick (() True or False (1pt)

I live in a village by Mekong River. Every day, like most of my friends, I walk to school. It is three kilometres away. After class, I often help my mother to collect water from the river and feed the chickens. At the weekend, the villagers often gather at the community hall where there is a TV. The adults watch TV, but more often they talk about their farm work and exchange news. The children run around, playing games and shouting merrily. Laughter is heard everywhere.
My father sometimes takes me to the market town nearby where he sells our home products like vegetables, fruits, eggs… He then buys me an ice cream and lets me take a ride on the electric train in the town square. I love those trips.
On starry nights, we children lie on the grass, looking at the sky and daring each other to find the Milky Way. We dream of faraway places.
True False
1/ The boys helps his parents to collect water from the village well.
2/ The villagers gather at the community hall at the weekend.
II. Fill in each blank with one suitable from the box to complete the passage: (2pts )
festivals celebrated lunar warmer most

Spring is the time when there are many (1) _______ in our country. Among them, Hoa Ban festival is the (2)_______ beautiful and interesting, and it takes place in Lai Chau. It is typical of the cultural life of the Thai people. In the second (3) _______ month of the year, when it gets (4)_______ and Hoa Ban – a kind of beautiful flower in the northwest mountainous area - blossoms, Hoa Ban Festival is (5) _______. This is a great time for everyone, especially for boys and girls.
I Rewrite these sentences so that the meaning stays the same as the first one (1pt)
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