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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Trần Thị Xuân Hương
Ngày gửi: 22h:13' 01-12-2019
Dung lượng: 30.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1216
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Hồ Lan)

KHỐI 10 (sách mới)
NĂM HỌC 2018 – 2019
Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)

 (Thí sinh làm bài ngay trên đề thi)
Đề thi gồm 03 trang

Full name: ……………………………..….Class: ……………Room : ………….Number: ………….….
Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others.
Question 1: A. meaningful B. finance C. society D. advice
Question 2: A. breadwinner B. heavy C. break D. instead
Question 3: A. culture B. number C. suffer D. support
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others words.
Question 4.
A. politics
B. deposit
C. conception
D. occasion

Question 5.
A. prepare
B. repeat
C. purpose
D. police

Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.
Question 6. A lot of fans gathered at their idol’s home to see her after the contest.
A. contestant B. competitors C. judges D. devotees
Question 7. Her exceptional ability is known widely as she has won a lot of prizes in many different contests.
A. talent B. passion C. admiration D. appearance
Choose the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.
Question 8. The International Organizations are going to be in a temporary way in the country.
A. permanent B. guess C. complicated C. soak
Question 9. My little daughter would spend an inordinate amount of time in the shop, deciding exactly which 4 comics she was going to buy.   
A. excessive B. limited C. required D. abundant
Choose the word or phrase A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence below.
Question 10: The Jet engine has had ...................... on life since the twentieth century
A. a great impact
B. an important affacts important part
D.great significance

Question 11: If your camera is faulty, you should return it to the ............................
A. creator
B. manufacturer
C. inventor
D. builder

Question 12: This organization is not intended to make a profit but to make money for the conservation of ocean mammals. We are a ……………. organization .
A. not- profit B. no-profit C. non-profited D. non-profit
Question 13: "It is very kind of you to give us a lift." - "Don`t mention it ……………….. "
D.Yes, I was B. It was my pleasure C. Only pleasure A. It is my pleasure
Question 14: I really wanted to take part in this contest, _______ my parents allowed me to.
A. and B. or C. so D. but
Question 15: Last night my favorite program________________ by a special news bulletin.
A. interrupted B. was interrupted C. were interrupted D. is interrupted
Question 16: ................... the technological revolution is opening up a whole new world, many people are worried by it.
A. However
B. Despite that
C. because
D. Although

Question 17: Lida has lost her passport again. It’s a second time this ..........................
A. has happened
C. happened
D. has been happening

Question 18: Nelson Mandela became ______________in politics and was forced to leave his first university.
A. interestedly B. interesting C. interestingly D. interested
Question 19- The alarm`s going. It`s making an awful noise. - OK, ......................... it off.
A. I am switching B. I am going to switch C. I`ll switch
Choose one underlined word or phrase A, B, C, or D that needs correcting.
Question 20: While they were having dinner, someone was knocking at the door.
Question 21: Lying on the beach is much more pleasant than to sit in the office.
Question 22: . Human infants born with about 270 bones, some of which fuse together as their body develops.
Read the text and choose the correct answer - A
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