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Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.(1pt)
1. A. teachers
B. desks
C. rubbers
D. rulers

2. A. pencil
B. help
C. lesson
D. new

3. A. lamp
B. play
C. stay
D. crazy

4. A. know
B. close
C. town
D. sofa

5. A. picture
B. kitchen
C. describe
D. attic

 Find the odd A, B, C or D.(1pt)
1. A. sleeping bag
B. sun cream
C. backpack
D. eraser

2. A. living room
B. wardrobe
C. bathroom
D. kitchen

3. A. visit
B. walk
C. map
D. cross

4. A. highest
B. hotter
C. longest
D. nicest

5. A. offices
B. beaches
C. weather
D. buildings

 Choose the right option A, B, C or D to finish the sentences.(2pts)
1. I can`t ............... my timetable.
A. finding B. finds C. find D. finded
2. We ……………wash our hands before the meals.
A. should B. won’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t
3. Where’s Tuan? He……………judo with his friends.
A. is playing B. is doing C. play D. do
4. London is a big city, but Tokyo is …………… than London.
A. the biggest B. biggest C. bigger D. big
5. What …………….. your favorite sport?
A. do B. does C. are D. is
6. He usually …………… in the morning.
A. is jogging B. jog C. jogs D. jogging
7. It’s hot today. I don’t want to tay at home. I want …………… swimming.
A. go B. to go C. going D. goes
8. This Saturday, we …………… to the Art Museum.
A. go B. is going C. are going D. went
Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form
Listen! -------------they (sing) ----------------- in the classroom?
My family like (spend) ------------- our summer holidays at the seaside.
She (have) ------------- long black hair.
My father (be)------------- very kind.
Choose the correct option A, B, C or D for each the gap to complete the passage below.(2pts)
Ha Long Bay is in QuangNinh Province. It has many (1) ………..and caves. The islands are named after things around us. (2) ………..the bay you can find Rooster and Han Island and even Man’s Head Island. You must (3) ………..a boat ride around the islands – it’s essential! Tuan Chau is (4) ………..island in Ha Long Bay. There you can (5) ………..great Vietnamese seafood. You can watch (6) ……….. dances. You can join exciting (7) ………... Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s most beautiful (8) ………..wonder.
1. A. rocks B. islands C. island D. lakes
2. A. On B.At C.In D. Over
3. A. to take B. taking C. take D. to taking
4. A. the biggest B. big C. biggest D. bigger
5. A. to enjoy B. enjoy C. enjoying D. enjoyed
6. A. historic B. good C. traditional D. difficult
7. A. activity B. acts C. activities D. actions
8. A. natural B. nature C. local D. international
Read the following passage and answer the questions. (1pt)
Hi. I’m Mary. I have lots of friends and we learn many subjects at school. In the morning, I have lessons from seven thirty to eleven. In the afternoon, I often read books in the library. After dinner, I watch TV and do my homework. I usually go to bed at 10. I always get up early in the
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