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Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence (3 pts)
Minh is a _____________________ soccer player.
A. skill B. skillfully C. skillful D. skilling
A recent survey of teenagers in the USA had a ________________________ result.
A. surprise B. surprisingly C. to surprise D. surprising
Don’t play soccer in the street. It’s very_________________________.
A. careful B. protected C. dangerous D. important
Are you scared __________________ seeing the dentist?
A. of B. in C. at D. from
He has an awful ____________________ . His tooth hurts.
A. headache B. toothache C. stomachache D. earache
These medicines __________________ the symptoms.
A. prevented B. relieved C. protected D. received
7. I have a toothache because I ate too many _______________________
A. vegetables B. milk C. sweets D. meat
8. You _________________brush your teeth three times a day.
A. want B. don’t C. should D. may
“Would you like to see a movie tonight?" “_______”
A. I`d love to.                                      B. Yes, I can
C. No, it isn`t                               D. My aunt and uncle don`t like it
10. __________ you open the door for me, please ? - OK
A. Would B. Should C. Do D. Are
11. Hoa and her aunt stopped at a ______________________ to buy some oranges.
A. meat stall B. vegetable stall C. fish stall D. fruit stall
12. Hoa doesn’t like durians and I ____________________ either.
A. don’t B. doesn’t C. do D. does
II. Read the signs and choose the best answer (0.5pt)
What does the sign say?
A. Your camera may be robbed.
B. It is easy to damage your camera in this area.
C. No taking photos here.
D. Taking care of your camera.
14. What does this sign say? /
A. Do not water grass.
B. Do not walk on the grass.
C. Do not pick flowers .
D. Do not grow vegetables .
III. Supply the correct forms of the words in parentheses (2 pts )
He plays soccer very_______________________. (good)
Lan was absent from class because of her _____________________. (sick)
I have an _________________ with my doctor at 5 p.m. (appoint)
You should brush your teeth _________________________(regular)
The vegetables are very ______________________(dirt)
You should do your homework ____________________(careful)
She never__________________ unhealthy food. (touch)
Mrs. Van ’s daughter is having a ___________________check – up. (medicine)
IV. Read the passage then do the tasks below (1.5 pts)
There is only one disease called common: the common cold. Every year, millions of people catch it.
When people catch a common cold, they feel unpleasant because nobody knows a cure.At the
drugstore, there are usually shelves with cold ‘cures’. These medicines don’t cure a cold, but they
relieve the symptoms. Whatever people do, their cold will last for a few days and thendisappear.
* Decide if the statements are True or False (1pt) True or False
Every year, only a few people catch the common cold. ________________
It is very unpleasant when people catch the cold. ________________
Cold ‘cures’ relieve the symptoms of the cold. ________________
Whatever people do, the cold will disappear in one day. ________________
* Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence (0.5 pt)
When people catch a common cold, they ____________ unpleasant because nobody knows a cure.
A. don’t B. felt C. feel D. makes
These medicines don’t cure a cold, but they _____________ the symptoms.
A. relieve B. relieves C. relieved D. to relieve
V. Rearrange the words in the correct order of a complete sentence (0.5 pt)
will spend / in France. / I / Next year / my holiday / for two weeks /
Next year, _________________________________________________________________
on them / from the farm . / often have / Vegetables /
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