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Nguồn: video6789.com
Người gửi: Nguyễn Xuân Thiển (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 15h:57' 02-01-2019
Dung lượng: 29.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1833
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Thời gian làm bài: 45 Phút
I. LISTENING: Listen to the tape(3 TIMES) and do the tasks below: (2pts)
Quý thầy cô có thể điều chỉnh cho phù hợp

Nội dung file nghe và đáp án phần này vui lòng truy cập liên kết: ://goo.gl/
Nếu thấy nội dung hay, hãy đăng kí kênh youtube chuyên về những clip nghe hỗ trợ giảng dạy để luôn nhận được thông báo về bài đăng mới, liên kết đăng kí ở đây: ://goo.gl/

Watch video to 0:40 then choose the option A, B or C that best answers the following questions.
1. What best describes Popeye village?
A. It is not real.
B. It is a tourist attraction.
C. It is the most beautiful place in Malta.
2. What do houses in Popeye village look like?
A. Old and wooden
B. Simple and modern
C. Sophisticated and wooden
3. What is the original purpose of building Popeye village?
A. To shoot a film
B. To attract tourists
C. To honor Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions
Watch the rest of video. Fill in the blanks with NO MORE THAN ONE WORD/NUMBER from the talk.
4-5. The construction started in the year of (4)____and took (5)____ months to complete.
6. Popeye village has become one of the most (6)_____ tourist attractions of Malta.
7. There are statues of (7)_______ cartoon characters in the village.
8. Visitors can watch (8) _________ such as puppet shows, balloon modeling, face painting.
II. PHONETICS: Circle the word that has different pronunciation from that of the others. (1pt)
1) A. pancake B. surface C. paper D. late
2) A. generous B. reserved C. festival D. message
3) A. character B. architect C. chair D. chemical
4) A. talked B. stopped C. noted D. laughed
A. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.( 2pts)
1. I’ll see you __________ Wednesday .
A. on B. in C. at D. between
2. Ba draws that picture __________
A. yourself B. himself C. herself   D. ourselves
3. We __________go home because it’s too late.
A. must B. must not C. can’t D. ought not to
4. Don’t let children__________with matches.
A. play B. playing C. to play D. plays
5. She wasn’t old enough__________a car.
A. drives B. to drive C. driving              D. drove
6. I was born in Viet Nam. So Vietnamese is my.
A. tongue mother B. tongue language
C. mother tongue D. second language
7. My father was good at swimming. He used to __________ swimming in summer.
A. going B. goes C. went D. go
8. Yes. That’s very __________of you.
A. fine B. good C. kind D. nice
B. Supply the correct form or tense: (1pts)
1) My mother used __________ (tell) me stories.
2) They _____________________ (learn) English for three years.
3) Hoa asked her friend __________ (clean) the doors.
4) He (not visit) __________ Ha Noi 6 months ago.
IV.LANGUAGE FOCUS: (1.0pt) Match the questions in column A with the answers in column B

1. Why mustn’t we let children play in the kitchen?
a. Under the sink.

2. Where is the steamer ?
b. Yes, I do.

3. Do you need any help?
c. No, thanks. I’m fine.

4.  you like reading?
d. Because it’s a dangerous place.

V. READING: Read the text and do exercise: (2pts)
Nam is in grade 8A. He has received his report card for the last school year. He got good grades for Literature and Math, but his English was poor. His English teacher said, “Nam, you must work harder on your English

cho em xin file nghe với ạ. em cảm ơn 



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