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1. Listen to the announcement. Fill each of the gaps with the ONE word and/ or a number. You will listen TWICE.
Source of noise
Phone number

Commercial activities
Transportation activities
Public events
Military vessels
Residential areas
local council
2. ________ control
national entertainment
navy department
5. ________ police
1. ________
3. ________
4. ________

2. Listen to Annie talking about the Internet. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F). Circle T or F. You will listen TWICE.
1. Annie thinks the Internet is the greatest invention. 

2. Annie does her homework on the Internet. 

3. Annie loves emails. 

4. Annie spends little time on the Internet. 

5. Annie puts a lot of her personal information on Facebook. 

1. Read the passage and answer the questions. Circle A, B, or C.
 The Moon is approximately 384,400 kilometers from the Earth. Its diameter is 3,479 kilometers, about 1/4 the diameter of Earth. The average temperature on the surface of the Moon during the day is 107°C, hot enough to boil water on Earth. During the night, the average temperature drops to −153°C. Because of its smaller size and mass, the gravity of the Moon is about 1/6 the gravity on the Earth. That means that a person who weighs 180 pounds on Earth would only weigh 30 pounds if measured on the Moon. The force of gravity from the Moon affects Earth. Its gravity reaches Earth and pulls the oceans toward the Moon, causing the tides. The gravity from the Sun also affects the tides. The highest tides will always occur when the Moon and Sun are aligned. That is when there is a New Moon or a Full Moon. 1. What is the first paragraph mainly about? A. A comparison between the Moon and Earth B. Physical characteristics of the Moon C. The effect of the Moon on Earth 2. The word “its” in paragraph 2 refers to which of the following? A. the Moon’s B. Earth’s C. gravity’s 3. According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. A person would lose 5/ 6 of their weight if they were on the Moon. B. A person would weigh much less on the Moon than on Earth. C. The Earth weighs six times as much as the Moon. 4. What can we learn about the tides? A. They happen twice a month at New Moon and Full Moon. B. The Sun causes higher tides on Earth than the Moon does. C. They are caused by both the Sun and the Moon. 5. The word “aligned” is closest in meaning to which of the following? A. combined together B. arranged in a line C. affected by the other
2. Read the passage about computers. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F). Circle T or F.
Do you own a PDA – Personal Digital Assistant? Have you got a personal computer? Have you ever used a laptop? The answer can be “Yes”. But do you know that the first computer was made about 70 years ago? It was large enough to take up a living room. It was named ENIAC – Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator. Thanks to the development of technology, computers become smaller and smaller. The first personal computer was actually introduced in the 1970s by MITS, Apple Computer and IBM. They didn’t look exactly like now but they were surely revolutionary at the time. Scientists are finding ways to make computers as smaller and slimmer as possible. Some of the today computers are small enough to carry out in pockets. But technology doesn’t stop there. They will continue to bring out smaller computers. Who knows? Maybe one day we will not need the big desktops or laptops. We may need a computer chip that is as small as a fingernail.
1. The first computer was made 70 years ago. 

2. The ENIAC was small enough to carry around. 

3. MITS, Apple Computer and IBM were the first to introduce personal computers.

4. Today computers are not as small and slim as the previous ones. 

5. Fingernail size computer chip will soon be a new revolution. 

1. Complete each of the following sentences using the cues given. You can change the cues and use other words in addition to the cues to complete the sentences.
Here is an example. 0. Ngoc

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