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Ngày gửi: 13h:36' 17-04-2018
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Đề 1
Choose the word that has a different pronunciation from the other of each group:
A. weighed B. called C. started D. measured
A. add B. amount C. affect D. appointment
A. sugar B. sauce C. symptom D. serious
A. height B. weight C. eight D. neighbor
A. touch B. stomach C. chopstick D. catch
Choose the correct answer.
_____________ is it from your house to school?
A. How far B. How much C. How long D. How often
How _____________ is the blue pen?
A. far B. many C. much D. old
The supermarket is _____________ the restaurant.
A. near B. between C. far D. in front
Did Jane buy any _____________ in London?
A. book B. picture C. thing D. souvenirs
After the holiday, they returned to Ha Noi_____________ bus.
A. on B. in C. by D. with
They arrived home at 6.30 _____________ the evening.
A. on B. in C. at D. by
Ba wanted to buy English newspapers and he went to the _____________.
A. library B. bookstore C. clothing store D. restaurant
It was a white dress with red flowers _____________ it.
A. on B. in C. at D. under
They will _____________ to Hue next Sunday.
A. to fly B. fly C. flying D. flew
He drove _____________ but he had an accident.
A. care B. carefully C. careless D. carelessly
Put the verbs into correct tense:
Nam ( ( video games. He ( _____________video games once a week. He ( at the amusement center now.But he (5.not play) _____________ video games.He (6.teach) _____________ his friends how to play a new game.
Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition:
My little brother is interested _____________ reading picture books.
You should make an appointment _____________ your doctor before you come to see him.
All the students_____________ class 7A visited the zoo last week.
Ba isn’t doing his homework _____________ the moment. He is waiting _____________ his sister _____________ the bus stop.
Don’t spend too much time _____________ video games.
Supply the correct form of word in the bracket:
People here are very good and _____________. (friend)
That girl plays the piano very _____________ and sings _____________. (good/ beautiful)
Playing soccer in the street is very _____________. (danger)
He drove _____________ and had an accident. (care)
What is the _____________ of the river? (long)
Edison’s most famous _____________ was the electric light bulb. (invent)
When she was young, Mrs. Lien wanted to become a(n) _____________. (act)
Television is one of the cheapest forms of _____________. (entertain)
Match sentence in column A with answer one in column B:

Let’s go to the movies.
Would you like to come to my home for dinner?
Where shall we meet?
What do students do in the cafeteria?
When do classes start?
How long do you do your homework?
How many books are there in the library?
What are you going to do after school?
I’m fine, thanks.
At the stadium.
I’m sorry I can’t.
We’re going to the swimming pool.
Thanks, I’d love to.
About half an hour.
Classes start at seven.
There are ten thousand books.
They eat and drink.

____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____ 5. ____ 6. ____ 7. ____ 8. ____
Make questions with the underlined words/phrases:
My uncle often flies to Hong Kong and Singapore because he is a pilot.

Hoa got used to the life in the city.

Ba often brings the album of his stamp collection to the school.

Nam is going to the amusement center to play video games.

Name visited Dien Bien Phu with his family last year.

Read the passage and then answer the questions below:
In the summer holiday, Mr. Lam, Mrs. Hoa and their children, Lan and Thuan, often go to the beach for two or three days. They always go to Vung Tau in the south of Viet Nam. They usually stay in a small house or a flat by the sea, but sometimes
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