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Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Tây
Ngày gửi: 08h:12' 02-05-2018
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Số lượt tải: 1392
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Hường)

(Thời gian làm bài 45 phút)

I. LISTENING: Listen to the tape and write True or False: (1pt)
1. Ba and Lan go to the zoo three times a year.
2. They go to the park twice a week.
3. They always fly their kites.
4. They are never late for school.
II. Supply the correct Tense or Form of the Verbs in parentheses: (1pt)
1. What sports _________ your brothers (play). _________ ?
2. She swims, (play)_________ badminton and (do)_________ aerobics.
3. We (drink)_________ some juice at the moment.
4. Peter (like)_________ apples, but he (not/like) _________ bananas.
III. READING: (2.5pts)
Read the passage, and then decide whether the statements that follow are True or False: (1pt)
Linh likes camping. On Sundays, she often goes camping in the mountains. She usually goes with her friends. Linh and her friends always wear sport shoes and comfortable clothes. They always take food and water and tent Sometimes, they camp overnight…
1. Linh often goes camping on Sundays.
2. She usually goes with her friend.
3. They take food and water when they go camping.
4. They never camp overnight.
Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage: (1,5pts)
beach hotel vegetables breakfast
juice restaurant after home
I am Quang. I don’t often have (1) _________ ; I only have a cup of coffee and go to work in the city centre; I have lunch-in a small (2)_________ near my office at about twelve fifteen. I have dinner at (3)_________ with my family at seven o’clock. It’s a big meal of day, We have meat, (4)_________, rice and some fruit (5) _________ the meal. On Saturdays, we go to Vung Tau (6)_________ and enjoy the seafood there.
IV. USE OF ENGLISH: Write A.B.C. or D which best completes the sentences: (2pts)
1. _________ is she travelling? - By coach.
A. How B. Where C. Why D. When
2. I need a _________ eggs.
A. kilos B. dozen C. bowl D. grams
3. How does she _________ ? She’s cold.
A. feel B. feels C. feeling D. is feeling
4. We never go camping because we _________ a tent.
A. not have B. are not having C. don’t have D. doesn’t have
5. _________ you like some tea?
A. Can B. Do C. Could D. Would
6. How much is it?
A. It’s £20 B. 20 kilos C. 20 meters D. 20
7. I _________ badminton with Lucy in the yard at the moment.
A. am playing B. play C. are playing D. plays
8. _________ sugar in the jar?
A. Is there any B. Is there some C. Are there any D. Are there some
V. Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B: (1pt)
1. How often does he go to school? A. Apple juice, please.
2. Which sports do you play? B. Soccer.
3. Where is the cat? C. For five days
4. What would you like to drink? D. She is under the table.
VI. Make the questions with the words underlined: (1pt)
1. Minh is hungry.

2. My brother usually plays football with his friends after school.

VII. Write the sentences with the cues given: (1.5pts)
1. We / never/ camping/ because / not have/ tent.

2. I/ like / half / a kilo/ beef.

3. Their parents / watch/ movie/ now.


I. LISTENING: Listen to the tape and write True or False: (1pt)
1. False.


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