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Người gửi: Than Quoc Hieu
Ngày gửi: 07h:31' 05-05-2018
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Số lượt tải: 363
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Can you introduce about yourself?
What will home robots do in the future?
Will machines teach children at home in the future?

What will home robots do in the future?
Scientists are planning to send people to explore Mars in the near future?

 Do you think science and technology will help people live longer in the future?

 Name two ways of communication has become very popular among young people?
Do you usually communicate to your friends everyday?

 How often do you talk to your friends on facebook?
How do you express your love to your pet ?

 Do you think body language is useful for communication ?

Tell two ways you have communicated to your friends?
Do you often draw a smile face to forgive for your friend’s fault ?

Tell one reason for communication breakdown ?

Can you tell two natural disasters you know?
What are the most common natural disasters in Viet Nam?

 What should you do during a flood?

What should you do to prepare for floods in your area?

How often do they happen?

Are natural disasters destructive?

Name two kinds of pollution?

Being a student, what will you do to keep the rivers unpolluted?

What would you do to reduce pollution in your country?

What would you do if your neighbors littered near your house?

Being a student, what do you do to keep your school green?

If you were a president, what would you do to prevent some factories from pumping raw sewage into the rivers?
According to you, Will polluters be punished?

What do you do to save the environment?

What will you do if you see someone throw trash on the road?

What causes water pollution? 

Tell two natural disasters you know?

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