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I/ Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others:
a. received b. washed c. asked d. laughed
a. blind b. invent c. divide d. provide
a asked b. helped c. kissed d. wanted
a- students b- branches c- roots d- meets
a- potatoes b- buses c- couches d- houses
a- booked b- looked c- stopped d- telephoned
II. Choose the one choice that best completes the sentence :
Would you like ____________ a message ? (to leave ; leave ; leaving ; left)
They ____________ from Canada to America to find work. (started ; demonstrated ; delivered ; emigrated )
______________ a beautiful day ! (How; What ; Which ; Where)
Don’t come in. Please wait _____________ for your turn. (inside ; outside ; upstairs ; downstairs)
The children are old enough to look after ______________ (themselves ; ourselves ; theirselves ; herself)
I find Peter is not communicative. He’s rather _____________ in public. (kind ; reserved ; sociable ; humorous)
I know you worked really hard ____________ this semester. (hardly ; hard ; good; bad)
She is studying hard ____________ pass the exams. (for ; in order to ; so to ; so that)
They have studied _____________ six o’clock. (for ; at ; since ; to)
London is ______________ capital city in Europe. (larger ; the largest ; most large ; large)
What do you do when you_____________ a new word ? ( get away ; look out ; take ; come across)
He____________ practice speaking English in class. He is still weak at it. ( can ; should ; needn’t may )
Her mother told her_____________ for her outside. ( waited ; waiting ; to wait ; wait )
He works hard but his brother works even _____________ .( harder ; more hard ; the harder ; more hardly )
The boy isn’t______________ to reach the book on the top shelf. ( too tall ; enough tall ; tall enough ; very tall )
In this dry season, you must take _____________ against fire. ( precautions ; care ; watch ; view )
In his living room, there is a beautiful______________on the floor. ( chair ; table ; bed ; rug )
He always gets excellent grades because he studies _____________ . (hard; hardly; good; nice)
The prince immediately fell in love____________ Little Pea.(with ; of ; to ; from)
She asked me _____________ dictionary to find out the meaning of words. (use ; used ; to use ; used)
A new shopping mall is different _______________ the present shopping area.(to ; of ; from ; for)
You should cover electrical sockets so that children don’t try to put anything __________ them.(in ; to ; into ; out of)
I can save _______________ resources and raise some money for my school. (nature ; natural ; naturally ; unnaturally)
Bell worked with Thomas Watson, his _______________ .(helper ; assistant ; worker ; friend)
We must be there ______________ 7:30 and 8:15. (at ; before ; between ; after)
III/ Supply the correct form of word in bracket:
She’s beautiful with a ____________ smile. (love)
Each of my friends has ______________ character. (differ)
Bell successfully demonstrated his ______________ .(invent)
You must read the following safety precautions _____________ .(careful)
She ‘s always worried about the ______________ .( safe )
Last year we had an _____________ summer holiday. ( enjoy)
Children need to have a good _____________ . ( educate)
Don’t leave the light on. It wastes ______________ . (electric)
Vietnam has many _____________ resources. ( nature )
Everyone was _____________ after hearing that news. ( excite )
Don’t be _____________ and greedy. Please happy with what we have. ( fool )
The ____________ program is very useful. ( recycle )
The Scouting Association is the largest _____________ youth organization in the world. (volunteer)
We ______________ the Lunar New Year Festival next month. (celebration)

Bell_____________ demonstrated his invention . (success)
“The Lost Shoe” is one of the _____________ stories I like best. (tradition)
What is _____________ in learning words? (need)
I’ll try my best to improve my English ______________ . (pronounce)
The town is becoming _____________ .(noise)
I like Lan very much because she’s always ____________ .(society)
Bao and Khai take part in ______________activities after school hours. (difference)
Children need to have a good ______________ .(educate)
He did very ____________ in his study.( good )
His parents are very _____________of his intelligence.(pride )
Fishing is an ______________ my father
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