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Người gửi: Thuy Linh
Ngày gửi: 15h:27' 21-02-2019
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BàitậpluyệnngheTiếng Anh 7 – Miss Linh - 2019
I. You will hear some information about a sport center. Listen and complete question 1-5
(CD 2 - Track 4)
Solway Sports Center
Opening hours: (1) 6.30 a.m - _______________ p.m
For gym introduction, phone Jack Bergman: (2) 01453 _________________ .
Swimming pool: (3) _________________ meters
To become to member, speak to Mrs (4) _____________________ .
Guided tour on (5) __________________ afternoon.

II. You will hear a woman asking about a guitar for sale. Listen and complete questions 16-20 (CD 1 – Track 21)
Guitar for sale
Make of guitar: Fender
Age of guitar: (16) _____________________ months old.
Price: (17) _____________________ £
Address: (18) _______________ Road.
Bus number: (19) ___________________.
Best time to visit: (20)after _________________

III. You will hear some information about an activity center. Listen and complete questions 21-25(CD 1 – Track 22)
High Cross Activity Center
Open: March to October
Possible to do: (21) football, climbing, _________________
Cost of one week: (22) £ _________________
Size of largest group: (23) _________________
Name of manager: (24) _________________
Office telephone number: (25) _________________

IV. Listen to Sam phoning Kate Richard about a Saturday job at her music shop. For question 1-5, circle A, B or C (CD 2 Track 15)
1. The hours for the Saturday job are
A. 8 a.m to 8 p.m
B. 9 a.m to 7 p.m
C. 10 a.m to 6 p.m
4. Where is the music shop?
A. near the university
B. in the center of the town
C. across the river from Sam’s home

2. The job will be mainly
A. adding up money
B. cleaning the shop
C. serving customers
5. Which day will Sam visit the shop?
A. Wednesday
B. Thursday
C. Friday

3. How much can Sam earn when he starts?
A. £5.25 per hour
B. £6.30 per hour
C. £7.00 per hour

V. Listen to Vanessa telling her friend Edward about a visit to se a special gadget show in London. For question 1-6, circle the answer A, B or C ( CD 2, Track 22)
0. Example: Vanessa’s ticket costs:
A. £5.95
B. £9.50
C. £15.00
3. The show opens at:
A. 9.00 a.m
B. 10.00 a.m
C. 11.30 a.m

1. Vanessa went to the show:
A. on foot
B. on the underground
C. on the bus
4. For lunch, Vanessa decided to :
A. take a picnic
B. have a hot meal
C. get a snack

2. Vanessa really like seeing the:
A. Games Hall
B. Test Space
C. 3D Theatre
5. The show will finish on :
A. 23rd April
B. 24th April
C. 27th April

VI. Listen to Ellie talking to Chris about Lynne , his sister. For question 11-15, tick the correct answer A, B or C(CD 2, track 25)
0. Example
Lynne arrived home on
A. Monday
B. Wednesday
C. Saturday
3. Next year Lynne will get
A. four weeks’ holiday
B. five weeks’ holiday
C. six weeks’ holiday

11. At the moment, Lynne is working in
A. Hong Kong
B. New York
C. London
4. Lynne is free
A. in the morning
B. at lunchtime
C. in the afternoon

12. Lynne learnt how to use a computer
A. at home
B. at school
C. at university
5. Chris has bought Lynne
A. a computer game
B. a camera
C. a watch

VII. You will hear a girl called Ruth phoning a radio station about a prize she has won. Listen and complete questions 1-5(CD 2 – Track 30)
Star Radio Competition
Prize: trip to (0) Venice
Type of transport: (1) _____________________
Latest date to travel: (2) ____________ April
Radio station’s address: (3) 47 _____________________ Road.
Day to visit the office: (4) _____________________
Time to visit: (5) _____________________

VIII. You will hear some information
Gửi ý kiến

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