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ĐỀ GIỮA HỌC KÌ 2 LỚP NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
Choose the word which has difference stress pattern
A. influence B. literate C. convenient D. stimulating
2. A. disappointed B. communicate C. advantage D. ambitious
3. A. affect B. woman C. approve D. depend
4. A. asleep B. custom C. culture D. manner
5. A. knowledge B. married C. bridesmaid D. exchange
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.
1. Lots of people believe that when they set out for an important occasion, they should avoid crossthe path of a woman.
2. Patience is an invaluable character of one person which lays important role in his/her success.
3. Superstitionshave exited in all human societiesthroughout history.
4. During the Vietnamese New Year, many people believe that the first person who visits their home on the first day of the New Year will affect on the family if they work hard during the Tet holiday.
5. Thanks forglobalization, we can export more productsto other countries.
6. (A) Working mothers help (B) their husband (C) satisfying their children’s (D) needs.
7. (A) Some people think that there (B) is still gender (C) discriminate (D) in our country.
Choose the best option to complete the sentences.
The team paid a ________ price for its lack of preparation.
heavy B. light C. dirty D. expensive
Health is ________________ than money.
A. the important B. most important C. more important D. importanter
3. In order to ________ a man’s job, Brenda had to work very hard.
A. pursue B. work C. enroll D. prefer
4. We _________ stop when traffic lights are red.
A. might B. should C. must D. can
5. Gender discrimination should be ____________ so that everyone has equal opportunities in education.
A. eliminated B. eliminate C. elimination D. eliminating
6. Superstitions still________ an important part of life for many people in Vietnam.
A. do B. take C. play D. give
7. We had dinner in________ most expensive restaurant in town.
A. an B. x C. the D. a
8.My cousin`s ______ is next Sunday.
A. marriage B. wedding C. tradition D. assignment
9. There is a wedding ______ for all guests after the wedding ceremony.
A. reception B. engagement C. proposal D. ring
10. The ______ can have as many bridesmaids as she wants.
A. bride B. husband C. couple D. groom
Read the following passage and choose the best answer.
It’s always thought that women are the (1)________ class in citizen, and men are the first. There is not a real equality of opportunity for men and women. Years ago, people were living in a man- dominated society. Women had (2)________ their husbands and fathers absolutely. Women’s place was in the kitchen and women’s work was housework. In many places, women were not even allowed to go to school. Women had no rights, even the right to choose a husband for themselves. Men usually occupied high positions in society so they thought they were more intelligent and important (3)________ women. Men considered women their property. Sometimes, women were mistreated by their husbands and suffered this as a fate. Many parents did not even want to have female children.
Thanks (4)________ the women’s liberation movement, women have nowadays proved that they are equal to men on every aspect. An average woman has weaker muscles than an average man but she may be as intelligent as him. Women can do everything that men can and women can do one thing that no men can; they (5)________ children.
1: A. twice B. two C. second D. double
2: A. to obeying B. obey C. obeying D. to obey
3: A. than B. as C. same D. then
4: A. to B. for C. of D. with
5: A. produce B. eliminate C. prevent D. pursue
Rewrite the sentences with suggested words.
1: Smoking is not allowed in the hospital.
( We
2:Most of the students can answer
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