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ĐỀ 1
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. played B. frightened C. excited D. bored
2. A. hand B. transport C. character D. celebration/ei/
3. A. washed B. attended C. decided D. disappointed
4. A. listens B. visits C. borrows D. obeys
Choose the correct answer to complete each following sentence
5. Lan used to ________ morning exercise when she got up early.
A. did B. does C. doing D. do
6. My father ________ the bus to work every day, but I cycle.
A. catches B. drives C. goes D. runs
7. You should look right and left when you go________ the road.
A. down B. across C. up D. along
8. Bus is the main public________ in Viet Nam.
A. way B. tricycle C. transport D. vehicle
9. The play was so boring. ________, Hoa saw it from beginning to end.
A. Therefore B. Despite C. However D. Although mặc dù
10. She’s sure that they will find the film________.
A. entertaining B. entertain C. entertainment D. entertained
11. – “Do you like seeing a film?” – “________”
A. No, I don’t like horror film B. Sure. What film shall we see?
C. Who is in it? D. I’m sorry, I can’t.
12. ________ being frightened by the images, Lan still liked the film so much.
A. In spite B. Despite mặc dù C. Although D. Nevertheless = but
13. ________ is La Tomatina celebrated? – Every August.
A. Where B. Why C. When D. Which
14. My father liked the ________ of that singer.
A. perform B. performer C. performance D. performing
Chọn một phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D ứng với câu đáp lại phù hợp trong các tình huống giao tiếp sau.
15. ________ to stay the night? – Oh, that`s very kind of you.
A. Do you feel like B. Would you like
C. Why don`t you D. Do you enjoy
Chọn một phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ hoặc cụm từ đồng nghĩa với phần được gạch chân.
16. He’s really delighted with his success.
A. pleased B. angry C. entertained D. annoyed
Tìm một lỗi sai trong bốn phần gạch chân A, B, C hoặc D
17. It has about 5 kms from my house to the city center. (
18. To my knowledge, British people used to drinking tea all day. (
19. He used to taking a bus to work, but he goes by car.
20. This is the most interesting man I knew. (
Chọn một phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D để điền vào chỗ trống trong đọan văn sau
Grains give your body energy. Brown rice is very helpful grains. They can (21) _______ you energy throughout the day. Meat is good for your growth. This is because beef, poultry, fish contain protein. Protein makes your muscles, skin, hair, and nails healthy. Milk, cheese, and (22) _______ dairy products have calcium in them. Calcium keeps your bones (23) _______. Drinking milk or a yogurt smoothie is a healthy and tasty way to start the day! Don’t forget your fruit and vegetables. They contain many vitamins and minerals. You need these for your body to work well. Most of them are also low in calories and fat. Each food has an important purpose in your body. Eating a balanced diet will help you (24) _______ healthy and strong!
21. A. give B. take C. keep D. burn
22. A. another B. one another C. others D. other
23. A. weak B. strong C. fragile D. flexible
24. A. have B. are C. stay D. live
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