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II. Choose A, B, c or D that best completes the sentences.
6. A film that presents actual events is called a _______
A. horror B. thriller C. comedy D. documentary
7. This young _______has made four films so far. His recent film has won the
Oscar for Best Director
A. actor B. actress C. director D. scriptwriter
8. The film is too _______to show to children.
A. violence B. violent C. violently D. interested
9. The main _______is played by Tom Hanks.
A. character B. director C. actress D. film maker
10. The film contains some _______of violence.
A. screens: màn hình B. sceneries C. scents D. scenes
11. I thought the end _______the film is quite shocking.
A. in B. with C. at D. on
12. The film I told you _______is on TV tonight.
A. about B. to C. in D. by
13. I’ve got some problems _______my mobile phone.
A. at B.of C. for D. with
14. Don’t forget we have a meeting _______Sunday.
A. in B. on C. of D. at
15.I didn’t sleep _______midnight.
A. until B. on C. in D. at
The film is _______ enough for US to see through.
A. interest B. interested C. interesting D. interestingly
The movie was so _______ that we couldn’t sleep last night.
A. thrill B. thrilling C. thrilled D. thriller
18. I was absolutely _______ with the program on wildlife.
A. fancinate B. fancinated C. fancinating D. fancinatingly
This film tells the remarkable story of _______ actor.
A. a disabled B. the disabled C. disabled D. an disabled
You look _______ when you see him.
A. astonish B. astonishing C. astonishingly D. astonished
Find a mistake in each sentence below
After the film had been shown, her famous spread rapidly.
A B C = fame D
They were disappointing with the result of the game.
Although his strength, I’m not afraid of him
I prefer science fictions to active films
A B C D -action
The students expect to see plenty of thrilled scenes in action films.
Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.
This is a story that Charlie Chaplin liked to tell about himself. It happened after the great actor had become internationally famous. A theater announced that a competition would be held to see who could act like Charlie Chaplin. Those taking part in it had to dress like Chaplin, walk like Chaplin and act one of the roles in a Charlie’s film.
When Charlie Chaplin heard about the competition, he decided to take part in the competition himself. Naturally, he kept his plan a secrect from everybody. When the results of the competition were announced, Charlie said: “I didn’t know whether to feel angry or only surprised. I didn’t win the first prize. But after thinking about it, I decided that it would be best to laugh”.
This is a story which…………….
A. was told by his friends.
B. happened even he was not famous yet.
C. Charlie was fond of telling.
D. was announced at the competition.
People who took part in the competition had to
imitate Chaplin’s walking, dressing and acting.
keep it a secret from other people.
C. sing a song.
D. be a great actor.
Chaplin didn’t……………
A. take part in the competition.
B. allow this competition to be held.
C. like the competition
D. tell anybody about his plan
When the results of the competition were announced
he was very surprised and angry.
he learnt that he had won the first prize
C. he learnt that somebody else had won the first prize.
he learnt that his new film was a success.
When learning the news he decided…………….
A. to keep a secret. B. to laugh.
C. to be angry. D. not to take part in such a competition.
Choose the best sentence that can be made from the cues given.
He/ ate/ chocolate cake/ he/ diet.
He ate the chocolate cake although he was on diet.
He ate the chocolate cake despite he was on diet.
C. He ate
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