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I. NGỮ ÂM (PHONOLOGY) (Pronunciation and stress pattern): (10 point)
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
1. A. designed B. reserved C. deserve D. leisure
2. A. procedure B. duration C. durian D. duplicator
3. A. commercial B. special C. artificial D. recipient
4. A. excursion B. surgeon C. surfing D. surveyor
5. A. architecture B. characters C. chaos D. charitable
Choose the word that is stressed differently from the others in the list.
1. A. windsurfing B. temperature C. synchronize D. procedure
2. A. horizon B. defensive C. contestant D. industry
3. A. spectator B. outstanding C. typical to D. intensive
4. A. delegation B. energetic C. participant D. competition
5. A. tsunami B. conference C. president D. agency
Choose the option that best completes the blank.
1. They soon ____ me although I had left 20 minutes before they did.
A. caught up with B. get out with C. heard from D. came across
2. The water company will have to cut off water supplies while repairs to the pipes are ____.
A. turned out B. carried out C. filled out D. put on
3. The accident had a(n) ____ effect on her.
A. extensive B. profound C . wide D. total
4. It was his ____ belief that he could win.
A. utter B. single C. firm D. hard
5. I would like to thank everybody for their ____ support.
A. undiming B. complete C. unfailing D. deep
6. Where`s my bag? I ____ remember leaving it here.
A. surely B. fully C. distinctly D. totally
7. The facilities at many schools today are still ____ inadequate.
A. sadly B. woefully C. regrettably D. grimly
8. After leaving school, he tried to ____ a living as a door-to-door salesman.
A. gain B. win C. obtain D. earn
9. She would make an excellent lawyer - she is conscientious and has a well ____ mind.
A. trained B. intentioned C. built D. informed
10. Dr Evans has _____ a valuable contribution to the life of the school.
A. done B. made C. caused D. created
11. We`ve got some time to ____ before the meeting begins, so let`s go for a stroll in the park.
A. kill B. destroy C . pass D. spend
12. I`ve been ____ advised not to say anything.
A. strongly B. greatly C. seriously D. significantly
13. I forgot to ____ earlier that I`ll be home late this evening.
A. announce B. mention C. relate D. narrate
14. We were just having a friendly ____ about football.
A. chat B. whisper C. gossip D. report
15. My boss didn`t say it in so many words, but she ____ that I would get a promotion.
A. asserted B. clarified C. declared D. implied
16. It is difficult for me to ____ exactly what I mean in a foreign language.
A. express B. speak C. pronounce D. address
17. Jack ____ the map for several minutes, unable to believe his eyes.
A. glanced B. stared C. gazed D. watched
18. She ____ her daughter`s boyfriend up and down, and then asked him in.
A. watched B. observed
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