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Người gửi: Phạm Lê Minh Nhựt (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 23h:09' 13-04-2008
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Naêm hoïc : 2007-2008
1.Fill in the blanks with the words given. There is ONE extra word you do not need to use.(1 m)

lines mentioned unique occasions changing white slit patterns symbol

 Ao dai, the traditional dress of Vietnamese women, has been (1)_________
In many poems, novels and songs. it is a long silk tunic that is(2)________ oh the sides and worn over loose pants. Vietnamese women usually wear it, especially on special (3)________ such as Tet, Teachers’ day, or Wedding Anniversary. Nowadays, some fashion designers have made it more and more beautiful by (4)_________ the traditional Ao Dai.
Some of them print (5)_______ of poetry on it, or they add the (6)________
such as sun, stars, crosses, and stripes to the Ao Dai. The Ao Dai becomes the national clothing , just like Kimono in Japan. Every morning thousands of schoolgirls in (7)_______ Ao Dai make the streets look nicer. Vietnamese women continue to wear this(8)________ and fashionable dress.
2/ Read the passage and answer the statements with true (t) false(f) not given(n)(1.5ms)
Parents speak in a different way to young children. They are not aware of doing this, but they actually change the way they speak. When a baby says its first words, its parents speak very clearly to it. They stop making the kinds of errors which are usually so common in ordinary speech, they also speak to the baby in a slightly higher voice, finally, they usually ask simple questions and do not use many statements.
Parents often speaks to young children in a very kind way.
Most parents know they change their way of speaking to their children.
Parents generally speak in a clear way to young children.
They also speak correctly and do not make mistakes
They often say nice things to make babies happy.
They never ask young children questions.

II. WRITING: Use these jumbled sets of suggested words to write a passage (2.5ms)
The teacher/ wanted/ students/ listen/ news/ careful.
The teacher told/ there be/ examination/ following week.
Students / said/ they/ not/ happy/ hear/ news.
One of students/ told teacher / it/ Christmas/ following week.
She /said / she/ not/ready/ examination.
Other students/ said/ they/ happier/ if/teacher/ delay/exam.
The teacher said/ time/ not / changed.
The teacher said/ students/ have/ follow/ school plan.
All students/ made/ sad/ news.
They/ had/ work/ hard/ during/ Christmas.
1.Put the verbs in the parentheses in the correct tenses or forms (1.5ms)
I ( in a small hotel at the moment but Bill has asked me to share his flat with him. He ( on the sixth floor of a big block. It’s a bit untidy at the moment because it (c.decorate)________ but it’ll be fine. We’ve arranged everything and I (d.move)________ in next week. I’d love a holiday because the job is really tiring and I don’t think it’ll get any easier. some friends of mine are going on holiday soon. if I (e.not have)_______ to work so hard I (f.go)_________ with them, but it’s impossible at the moment.
2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first.(3.5ms)
Please don’t interrupt me all the time.
( Would you mind__________________________ ?
It’s not a good idea to travel during the rush hour.
( It’s better to avoid _______________________________
He would go hunting when he was in Africa.
( He used to ____________________________
It’s a pity that I can’t speak Spanish.
( I wish _____________________________
Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.
( Beast___________________________________
“ What do you usually do in free time?” the examiner asked
( The examiner asked me ___________________________________
“ I am sorry I broke your vase”, said Tom to Mary.
( Tom apologised _______________________________

1./ 1.mentioned 2. slit 3.occasions 4, changing
5. lines 6. patterns 7.white 8.unique
2./ 1.T 2F 3T 4T 5N 6F
The teacher wanted his students to listen the news carefully.
The teacher told that there would be an examination the following week.
The students said that they were not happy to hear that news.
One of the students told the teacher that it would be Christmas the following week.
She said she was not ready for the examination.
Other students said that they would be happier if the teacher delayed the exam.
The teacher said that the time would not be changed.
The teacher said that the students had to follow the school plan.
All the students were made sad by the news.
They had to work hard during that Christmas.
a. am living b. lives c. is being decorated
d.will move e. didn’t have 6. would go
Would you mind not interrupting me all the time?
It’s better to avoid traveling during the rush hour.
He used to go hunting when he was in Africa.
I wish I could speak Spanish.
Beasts are taught to know their friends by nature.
The examiner asked me what you usually did in free time.
Tom apologised to Mary for breaking ( having broken) her vase.

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