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Ngày gửi: 11h:01' 02-11-2018
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ĐỀ 11
I. PHONOLOGY: (10ms)
* Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others: (5ms)
1. A. close B. close-up C. nosegay D. nosy
2. A. tomb B. tomboy C. tombstone D. comb
3. A. practised B. used C. passed D. released
4 A. champagne B. chaos C. machine D. chinoiserie
5. A. clothes B. southern C. south D. northern
* Choose the words with the different stress pattern from the other: (5ms)
1. A. trigonometry B. explanatory C. immediately D. democracy
2. A. tremendous B. enormous C. serious D. delicious
3. A. exploration B. facilities C. scientific D. education
4. A. abnormality B. automatically C. metropolitan D. miraculously
5. A. continental B. conservation C. revolution D. particular
Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete each sentence.
1. Brunch is combined from ____.
A. break and bunch B. breakfast and lunch C. break and lunch D. breakfast and bunch
2. ____ the weather forecast, it will rain heavily later this morning.
A. On account of B. According to C. Because of D. Due to
3. Give me your telephone number ____. I need your help.
A. in case B. so that C. unless D. whether
4. He didn’t ____ to help her even though she was very ill.
A. shake a leg B. open an eye C. bend his arm D. lift a finger
5. The social services are chiefly ____ with the poor, the old and the sick.
A. influenced B. related C. suffered D. concerned
6. I’m sorry, but I ____ seeing the manager at once.
A. arrange for B. look for C. agree with D. insist on
7. I would rather you ____ to school on time.
A. to go B. go C. going D. went
8. He kept his marriage a secret for years, but eventually the truth ____.
A. came out B. came through C. went out D. turned out
9. While southern California is densely populated, ____ live in the northern part of the state.
A. many people B. a few of people C. a number of people D. few people
10. The house possesses extensive ____ with gardens, tennis courts and an orchard.
A. surroundings B. ground C. property D. fields
11. Diamonds are often found in rock formations called pipes, ____ the throats of extinct volcanoes.
A. they resemble B. there is a resemble to C. in which they resemble D. which resemble
12. The girl who found the ring received a generous ____ of $5.
A. cash B. allowance C. reward D. prize
13. ____ can be defined as communication include handshakes, holding hands, kissing, back slapping, a pat on the shoulder, and brushing an arm.
A. Touches B. Eye contact C. Facial expressions D. Wink
14. I will back you up in whatever you do.
A. support you B. help you C. sue you D. disturb you
15. Housing construction and ____ have rapidly changed the face of this town. It has become more and more beautiful.
A. overpopulation B. deforestation C. modernization D. environmental pollution
16. Many Scientists are sure there is ____ on other planets.
A. creature B. life C. people D. existence
17. When I mentioned the party, he was all ears.
A. deaf B. partially deaf C. listening neglectfully D. listening attentively
18. “____ detective stories?”
A. How about B. Are you fond of C. What do you think about D. What do people
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