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KÌ THI WONDERFUL STEPS THÔNG TIN HỌC SINH- LẦN THỨ 1 -HỌ VÀ TÊN _____________________________________MÔN TIẾNG ANH | TIỂU HỌC | THỜI GIAN 45’ NGÀY SINH _____________________ | TRƯỜNG _________________________________________| SỐ BÁO DANH _____________________ | ĐIỆN THOẠI _____________________ (-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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PART 1. QUESTIONS 1 – 18Choose A, B, C or D which is the best answer for each question.Example. How _____ you today?A. are B. is C. am D. be 1.I asked my teacher if _____ a bottle of perfume for me at the airport. A. he had buy B. she would bought C. she had bought D. she bought2. They didn’t reach an agreement _____ their differences. A. on account of B. due C. because D. owing3. _____ gifts to the judges. A. It’s not allowed B. It’s not permitted to offer C. It’s not permitted offering D. It’s not allowed toofferingoffer 4. This hamburger tastes _____. A. awfully B. most awful C. awfullest D. awful 5. The word “shoot” is in: A. Infinitive B. Simple Past C. Past Participle D.A., B., C. are correct6.Odd one out: A. hit B. love C. hurt D. lead7. Odd one out: A. silver B. glassC. wood D. gold 8. The plural of the word “diagnosis” is:A. diagnoses B. diagnosises C. diagnoes D. diagnos 9. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest?A.hour B.honest C.honor D.history 10. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest? A. workedB. wantedC. stoppedD. asked11. The word “scarves” ends on “s”. How do you pronounce this sound correctly? A. /iz/ B. /s/ C./z/ D.A., B., C. are incorrect12. Can I have a _____ ticket to Oxford, please, coming back today?A. round B. long C. double D.return13. I am not sure all this will work. I can’t really say with _____. A. certaintyB. ascertain C. certain D. uncertainly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HỌC SINH KHÔNG ĐƯỢC VIẾT VÀO ĐÂY------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14. In the last decades we have become _____ with famous people. A. enjoyed B. charmed C. involved D. fascinated15. This bag is heavy! A.I’ll open it for you. B. Let me carry it. C. Shall I turn it off?D.A., B., C. are incorrect 16. He _____ the soap because he likes the smell of roses. A.smell B. is smellingC. smells D. smelled17. I tried hard but I _____ open the window. It was stuck. A.can’t B. needn’t C.couldn’tD. shouldn’t18. Read the following passage and choose the most suitable word phrase to fill in the gap. Ocean waves may seem like a fanciful source of energy. _____. In August, a 750-kilowatt power plant off the coast of Scotland began delivering ocean-wave power for the first time to the local electricity grid. The plant consists of four linked floating cylinders which use wave motion to drive a hydraulic pump and turn a turbine. This is such an inexpensive and clean process that engineers are quite optimistic about its future.A.Engineers, on the other hand, say ocean power is far behind wind and solar power. B.A recently constructed power plant will change the perception soon. C. Thanks to the rising and falling water level, its cost would be quite low. D.Technicians have already started delivering power to many electricity networks. PART 2. QUESTIONS 19 – 28Complete the sentences.Example. How a re you today? 19. G comes b _ _ _ _ _ n F and H in the Latin alphabet. 20. Do you believe in life after d _ _ _ _? 21. Andrew lives in a f _ _ _ _ _ _ country.22.His pro _ _ _ _ _ _ tion has improved a lot.23. The rangers checked their e _ _ _ _ ment before the left the camp. 24. The music is full ofr _ _ _ _ _. 25. D _ _ _ pline is a way to teach children.26. Can I view a s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of CNN’s programming?27. The provide a 8-year g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ against rust.28. The restaurant is highly re _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ed. PART 3. QUESTIONS 29 – 30Using the words given to write full sentences.Example.today/you/are/? - How are you today?29. family/has/my/biggest/my/support

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