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ĐỀ THI THỬ THQG 2015 - 112

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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 09h:49' 18-04-2015
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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 1. Please, ____ and see us some time. You ‘re always welcome. A. come to B. come around C. come about D. come away
Question 2. The judge ______ the murderer to a lifetime imprisonment.
A. accused B. convicted C. sentenced D. prosecuted
Question 3. Only in the Civil War_____ killed or wounded.
A. soldiers in America were B. so many American soldiers were
C. many in America were D. were so many American soldiers
Question 4.I have to assure myself that I_____ the best possible decision.
A. have leapt B. have done C. have made D. have reached
Question 5. James: “What’s the matter?” - Anne: “_____.”
A. That’s all right B. Not at all C. Nothing D. It’s no trouble
Question 6. If it____ their encouragement, he could have given it up.
A. had been for B. hadn’t been for C. wouldn’t have been for D. hadn’t been
Question 7. It’s surprising that ex-smokers are less______ smokers than non-smokers.
A. tolerant of B. tolerable to C. intolerant D. tolerance towards
Question 8. “What a great haircut, Lucy!” - “________.”
A. Thanks. It’s very kind of you to do this. B. It’s my pleasure
C. Oh, yes. That’s right D. You think so? I think it’s a bit too short
Question 9. The criminal was sentenced to death because of____ of his crime.
A. the severity B. the complexity C. a punishment D. the importance
Question 10. Tony often watches TV after his parents_____ to bed.
A. have gone B. go C. had gone D. went
Question 11. Population expansion seems to surpass the ability of the earth to meet_____ food.
A. the requirement of B. the command of C. the demand for D. the necessity for
Question 12. After years of being exposed to the sun and rain, the sign had become completely_____.
A. unreadable B. readable C. misread D. illegible
Question 13.By the end of this month I_____ for this company for two years.
A. have been working B. will work C. will have been working D. will be working
Question 14-John paid $20 for his meal,_____ he had thought it would cost
A-not much as B-not so much as C-less as D-not so many as
Question 15. -“Mum! I’ve got 6000 on the TOEFL test” -“_______.”
A-Good way! B-You are right C-Good job! D-Oh, hard luck
Question 16-“Would you like me to get a taxi?” - “_______.” A. Yes, please, if it’s no bother B. Well, let’s see.
C. That would be delightful. Thanks D. Yes, I see.
Question 17. _____ over long distances is a fact.
A. That electricity transmitting B. That electricity can be transmitted
C. That electricity D. That can be transmitted
Question 18-The discovery was a major ____ for research workers A. breakthrough B. breakdown C. break-in D breakout
Question 19-John____ knowledge from many of his life experiences in his work.
A. approved B. accomplished C. appreciated D. applied
Question 20-. ____, sheep were then used for wool.
A. Having first domesticated for milk production B. Having been first domesticated for milk production
C. Because they had been first domesticated for milk production
D. Although they had first domesticated for milk production
Question 21-Lorie is very thin, _____ her young sister, who is quite heavy.
A. unlike B. dissimilar to C. dislike D. unlikely
Question 22-Flooding in April is an unusual ____ in this area.
A. occurrence B. occur C. occurring D. occurred
Question 23-It is a fact that_____ form of energy. A. electricity
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