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Người gửi: Đoàn Thị Thanh Phúc
Ngày gửi: 05h:04' 10-12-2015
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SỞ GD-ĐT …………

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. mountain B. sound C. around D. could
A. cut B. reduce C. calculate D. computer
A. printer B. scenic C. line D. multiply
A. door B. tooth C. floor D. four
Choose the best answer.
Tommy`s birthday, ___________ is in May, is going to be a big celebration.
A. whom B. who C. whose D. which
A good ___________of information Technology will help you use the computer easily .
A. skill B. knowledge C. research D. expensive
After each period, we have a ___________break.
A. five minutes B. five- minute C. fifth- minute D. fifth- minutes
The synonym of “education” is ___________.
A. schooling B. scholarship C. learning D. studying
He passed the exam with high grades, ___________made everybody in the family pleased.
A. whom B. who C. whose D. which
Tom ___________. Please don’t disturb him.
A. studies B. is studying C. was studying D. has studied
When Tom arrived at the cinema, the film ___________.
A. starts B. started C. has started D. had started
My brother ___________swimming since he was young.
A. enjoyed B. has enjoyed C. would enjoy D. was enjoying
He used ___________40 cigarettes a day but he doesn’t smoke any more now.
A. smoke B. to smoke C. to smoking D. smoked
The man ___________to your sister is my uncle.
A. is talking B. was talking C. who is talking D. talked
The doctor advised me ___________.
A. to not smoke B. not smoking C. smoke not D. not to smoke
What ___________at this time yesterday?
A. did you do B. you did C. were you doing D. had you done
He ___________to his parents recently.
A. writes B. wrote C. has written D. was writing
___________his mental illness, the boy can’t keep pace with his classmates.
A. Although B. Despite C. Because D. Because of.
A well- ___________child often behaves quite differently from one who did not get good schooling.
A. educate B. education C. educating D. educated
Although he coughed badly, he ___________no effort to stop smoking.
A. make B. do C. made D. has
Identify the mistake in each sentence by circling letter A, B, C or D
I used to going fishing on this river when I was a small child.
She enjoy stay at home to watch TV in the evening.
Before I went to bed last night I have already finished my homework.
My house has painted since last Tuesday .
My daughter was particular impressed by the dancing.
Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage.
My village was never a big village, nor was it particularly successful or well-known. It was a place where simple people worked on their land, tending citrus groves and running poultry farms. The most exotic plantation grew avocados, and a palm tree nursery was something of an attraction.
The village was established by a group of Greek immigrants in 1937 in what was then known as British-controlled Palestine. When we first moved here, one could still hear some Greek in the street, the local store sold oringinal Greek delicacies and from time to time we were invited to sit on a neighbor’s porch and share some ouzo at the end of a working day.
In the last few years, my village has changes dramatically. Very few people work in agriculture now; they can no longer support their families growing oranges and chicken. As a result, they must find their income outside the village and rent out their land or sell their little family farms altogether. Some of the land is still used for agriculture, but no longer for the family farms. Now it is the agriculture of luxuries.
What was true about the writer’s village?
A. It was a
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