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Ngày gửi: 20h:41' 15-06-2017
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Choose the word that is CLOSEST im meaning to the underlined word or phrase in each sentence. Write your answer (A, B, C, or D) in the corresponding numbered boxes on the answer sheet.
1. Gerry didn`t go on the expedition - he made up that part of the story.
A. narrated B. unfolded C. recounted D. invented
2. What seems certain for any language is that new words will form, meanings will migrate, and obsolete words will die out.
A. outdated B. borrowed C. printed D. loaded
3. Flats which are both comfortable and reasonably priced are few and far between in the current context of economics crisis.
A. non-standard B. non-existent C. unusual D. uncommon
Choose the word whose primary stress is placed differentlt from that of the others. Write A, B, C, or D in the corresponding numbered boxes on the answer sheet.
4. A. preservative B. political C. artificial D. compulsory
5. A. eplore B. swallow C. forbid D. exploit
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. Write A, B, C, or D in the corresponding numbered boxes on the answer sheet.
6. A. develop B. respond C. devastate D. preserve
7. A. churches B. clothes C. colleges D. exercises
8. A. essence B. passage C. cassette D. mission
Read the passage and decide which answer best fits each gap. Write A, B, C, or D in the corresponding numbered boxes on the answer sheet. The first one has been done as an example.
Students and jobseekers keen to get on to the course or into the place of their (0)......hope that voluntary work will help them (9)......from the crowd. This chance to (10)......experience - personally and professionally - is (11)......on the wish-list of young people.
A survey carried out last year revealed that young and old (12)......said volunteering had improved their lives, particularly those (13) conservation and heritage work.
Businesses recognize its importance and get to (14)......their profile in the community, while staff get a break from their daily routine to develop "soft skills", such as initiative and decision-making. One volunteering organization is (15)......another survey to find out if volunteering does make a difference in the workplace, or if it is something businesses do simply to improve their (16)......
Not (17)......are business-sponsored placements becoming more common, the government is also investing money and aiming to (18)......volunteers. The push is clearly on to make volunteering as attractive as possible to everyone.
And the more people who participate, the more the act fulfils its aim of making the world a better place.
Example: 0. B
0. A. alternative B. choice C. option D. selection
9. A. point out B. stand out C. pick out D. lift out
10. A. win B. coolect C. achieve D. gain
11. A. high B. strong C. sharp D. extreme
12. A. alike B. also C. similar D. same
13. A. associated B. committed C. connected D. involved
14. A. raise B. motivate C. increase D. arouse
15. A. conducting B. directing C. guiding D. governing
16. A. figure B. image C. look D. representation
17. A. merely B. only C. simply D. just
18. A. bring B. recruit C. claim D. enter

Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. Write A, B, C, or D in the corresponding numbered boxes on the answer sheet.
19. The
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