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Đề và ĐA thi Olympic Anh 10 (2018-2019) tr Nguyễn Trãi

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Người gửi: Giang Lương Hùng (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 14h:51' 14-03-2019
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Sở gd-ĐT Thái Bình

Năm Học 2018-2019

TrƯờng thpt nguyễn trãi

Thời gian làm bài: 90phút.
(Không kể thời gian giao đề)

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
Question 1: A. exist B. exam C. exhaust D. excite
Question 2: A. animal B. attention C. admirable D. atmosphere

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose stress pattern is different.
Question 3: A. example B. continue C. sensible D. contestant
Question 4: A. evacuate B. environment C. communicate D. unexpected
Question 5: A. surface B. major C. cover D. machine
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 6: I waved to Karen but failed _______ her attention.
A. to be attracted B. to attract C. attracting D. attracted
Question 7: He refused to give up work, _______ he had won a million dollars.
A. even though B. however C. as though D. despite
Question 8: The policeman wanted to know _______.
A. where he was last night B. where he had been the previous night
C. where he was the night before D. where he had been last night
Question 9: He played a very important _______ in politics until he was well over 80.
A. scene B. job C. position D. part
Question 10: This is the third time James _______ the volunteer program to the village.
A. has been joining B. joined C. has joined D. joins
Question 11: The more he tried to explain, _______ we got
A. the much confused B. the many confusing
C. the more confusing D. the more confused
Question 12: Dr. Evans has _______ a valuable contribution to the life of the school.
A. done B. created C. caused D. made
Question 13: Lorie is very thin, _______ her young sister, who is quite heavy.
A. unlike B. dissimilar to C. dislike D. unlikely
Question 14: The news was _______ to them that they were all dead silent.
A. such shock B. such a shock C. so shock D. too shock
Question 15: If she can make up such stories, she is certainly a very_______ girl.
A. imaginary B. imaginable C. imaginative D. imagining
Question 16: If you hadn`t stayed up so late last night, you _______ sleepy now.
A. wouldn`t have felt B. wouldn`t feel
C. wouldn`t fell D. wouldn`t have fallen
Question 17: I never read _______ newspapers during the week, but I buy _______ Observer every Sunday and I read it in _______ bed.
A. no article / the / no article B. the / the / no article
C. the / a / the D. a / a / the
Question 18: The Nile, _______, is the home of a great variety of fish.
A. which is in Egypt B. where is in Egypt
C. in which is in Egypt D. that is in Egypt
Question 19: Would someone take responsibility _______ bringing chalk to class?
A. to B. with C. for D. of
Question 20: We need _______ information before we can decide.
A. further B. farther C. far D. furthest
Question 21: “We’d better ________ if we want to get there in time”
A. speed up B. take up C. turn down D. put down
Question 22: Only in the Civil War _______ killed or wounded.
A. soldiers in America were B. so many American soldiers were
C. many in America were D. were so many American soldiers
Question 23: _______ is the existence of a large number of different kinds of animals and plants which make a balanced environment.
A. extinction B. biodiversity C. conservation D.
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