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Trường THPT Cẩm Giàng

ĐỀ KIỂM TRA HỌC KỲ 2 - NĂM HỌC 2016- 2017
Môn: Tiếng Anh – LỚP 10 THÍ ĐIỂM
Thời gian: 45 phút

Họ và tên : ........................................................

Part 1- Listen to five different people talking about their jobs and choose the best answer for each of the following questions.
1. When does speaker A work?
A. When he is at university. B. Weekends and holidays C. Summer holidays.
2. What does speaker B say tourists love doing?
A. Visiting universities. B. Taking a boat trip. C. Swimming in the river.
3. Does speaker C like his job?
A. Yes. B. Sometimes. C. No.
4. What does speaker D say is difficult about being a pilot?
A. Traveling to many countries. B. Learning many languages. C. Flying planes in bad weather.
5.What does speaker E not like about her job?
A. The doctors. B. The sick people. C. The uniform.

Part 2: Listen to the interview and choose the best answer for the question or to complete the sentences
6. What is the name of the girl being interviewed?
A. Alice B. Ellen C. Alex
7. She says we should save water when ______________.
A. taking a bath B. cleaning clothes C. washing cars 8. The girl`s second suggestion is about _____________.
A. separating different types of garbage B. disposing of trash properly C. having a family clean-up party
9. By recycling paper, we can ___________________.
A. protect the forests B. cut down on waste C. save money
10. What does the girl do once a month?
A. She visits a recycling center. B. She cleans a neighborhood park. C. She collects newspapers.
B- READING: (3p)
Part 1: Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Choose the best option for each question





Part 2. Read the following passage and choose the correct word for each of the blanks.
It can be shown in facts and figures that cycling is the cheapest, most convenient, and most environmentally desirable form of transport (16)______ towns, but such cold calculations do not mean much on a frosty winter morning. The real appeal of cycling is that it is so (17)______. It has none of the difficulties and tensions of other ways of travelling so you are more cheerful after a ride, even though the rush hour.
The first thing a non-cyclist says to you is. "But isn`t it (18)______ dangerous?" It would be foolish to deny the danger of sharing the road with motor vehicles and it must be admitted that there are an alarming (19)______ of accidents involving cyclists. However, although police records (20)______ that the car driver is often to blame, the answer lies with the cyclist. It is possible to ride in such a way as to reduce risks to a minimum.
16. A. to B. at C. in D. on
17. A. boring B. careful C. enjoyable D. excited
18. A. expectedly B. strangely C. comfortably D. terribly
19. A. number B. deal C. size D. digit
20. A. point B. exhibit C. indicate D. display

Part 3. Read the passage carefully, then choose the best answer for each question
The Siamese crocodiles are believed to be extinct in the wild. It is speculated that there are only about two hundred Siamese crocodiles left in the wilderness. Most of the Siamese crocodiles in the wild are in remote areas of Thailand and Cambodia. Unlike other species of crocodiles, the Siamese crocodiles are quite inoffensive. They are a low threat to humans. Unless they are being attacked first, they are not likely to attack you.
One of the reasons why crocodiles are endangered is the destruction of their habitat. Many swamp areas are converted into farming areas. Furthermore, crocodile’s skins are very valuable. Many of crocodiles were hunted for their skin and meat. Global warming also contributes to the cause of endangering crocodiles because the weather and climate play significant roles in determining the sex of the crocodiles. If the weather is 31.6 degrees Celsius, male crocodiles will be produced. Female crocodiles are produced at lower temperature.
Different efforts have been made to save the Siamese crocodiles. Comparing to other endangered animals, it is easier to save them. Because they lay a lot of eggs, it is easy to breed them. Like other species of crocodiles, the sex of the Siamese crocodiles is determined by the temperature in the
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