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Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below.
An astronaut would be killed if he or she _______by a piece of rubbish.
A. was hit B. were hit C. was hitted D. were hitted
Milk bottles can be _______after being cleaned.
A. collect B. thrown away C. broken D. reused
Teachers ought not to swear in front of the children.
A. should not B. need not C. could not D. don’t have to
It is not always easy_______good teaching materials in this field.
A. find B. to find C. finding D. for finding
It is important _______students attend all the lectures.
A. that B. in order to C. to D. 0
He began his talk _______an apology.
A. from B. with C. at D. on
Your money is going to be _______if you’re not careful.
A. steal B. stealing C. stole D. stolen
_______is waste from the body of a large animal such as an elephant or a cow.
A. Compost B. Dung C. Garbage D. Fertilizer
She has already _______his cup five or six times.
A. refilled B. reused C. reduced D. recycled
Your breakfast _______up to your room tomorrow morning.
A. will take B. will be take C. will taken D. will be taken
Cloth bags ought_______used instead of plastic bags.
A. be B. to be C. been D. to been
It’s_______to walk in the narrow and busy road.
A. danger B. dangers C. dangerous D. dangerously
I threw_______all the broken toys.
A. aside B. away C. down D. in
The rabbit______by mistake.
A. may shot B. may be shot C. may shoot D. may be shoot
The pizzas_______to your house.
A. will bring B. will brought C. will be brought D. will been brought
What did she mean by_______ so early?
A. leave B. left C. leaving D. to leave
Break the chocolate_______into squares.
A. up B. in C. on D. off
All children’s shoes are now_______to $20 a pair.
A. reduced B. reused C. refilled D. recycled
_______is a mixture of decaying plants and vegetables that is added to soil to improve its quality.
A. Compost B. Dung C. Trash D. Fertilizer
The sea and rivers are too_______to swim in.
A. dirt B. dirty C. dirtily D. dirtiness
Write the correct tense of the verbs in parentheses.
1. What you (do) ________________ next week?
2. Our roommates (travel) ________________ to Tokyo next June.
3. The girl (learn) ________________ Chemistry at the moment.
4. What _________the officers (do) ________________ now?
5. If he (not get) ________________up early, he (be) ________________late for school.
6. Would you please (bring) ________________me a cup of milk tea?
7. The little girl wants (buy) ________________a few pens and pencils.
8. What should we (do) ________________ in the evening.
9. You may (stay) ________________at home on weekends.
10. We (get) ________________good marks if we (study) __________hard.
Read the following passage and choose the best answers each of the questions.
You can recycle many types of glass. Glass food and beverage containers can be reused and recycled many times. (In fact, only bulbs, ceramic glass, dishes, and window glass can’t be recycled.)
Glass is made from soda, ash, sand, and lime. If it’s thrown away, it stays there indefinitely because glass never breaks down into its original ingredients. To be recycled, glass is sorted by color, crushed into small pieces, and melted down into a liquid. Then, it is molded into new glass containers.
lime (n) nhựa/ indefinitely (adv) vĩnh viễn/ sort (v) phân loại
Which of the following can be recycled?
A. glass food and beverage containers B. bulbs
C. ceramic glass D. dishes and window glass
What does the word ‘reuse’ in line 1 mean?
A. use something again B. use all of something
C. throw
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