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Ngày gửi: 09h:21' 26-10-2021
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I. Choose the correct answers to complete the following sentences:
1. You ______ type your essay but if you want, you can do it.
A. mustn’t    B. don’t have to C. have to    D. must
2. You ______ eat plenty of fruit or vegetables every day in order to keep healthy.
A. should          B. ought not to C. mustn’t    D. shouldn’t
3. We ______ show respect to our parents.
A. don’t have to              B. have to              C. must                D. mustn’t
4. She is an expert adviser; thus, I think you ______ ask her for some advice.
A. have              B. should                  C. ought to                  D. must
5. I ______ go home too late. My parents are very strict.
A. shouldn’t                  B. mustn’t C. don’t have to            D. ought not to
6. I ______ submit my homework before 12 o`clock because the deadline is 12 o`clock.
A. mustn’t              B. must                  C. don’t have to            D. have to
7. Having two children in a family is becoming the ______ in some Asian countries.
A. norm B. conflict C. agreement                D. privacy
8. I don`t understand why you like ______ clothes. They are too bright and young for your age.
A. flashy                B. fashionable          C. comfortable              D. tidy
9. It`s hard to believe that she can ______ a new house on her salary.
A. interact                    B. compare              C. afford          D. forbid
10. ______ isan activity that can be done by students but not a part of school or college course.
A. Generation gap        B. Viewpoint C. Table manners D. Extracurricular activity
11. There are at least three ______ living under the same roof in my family.
A. generations              B. objections              C. difficulties              D. differences
II. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or C to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
It goes without saying that, however old their children are, parents still regard them as small kids and keep in mind that their offspring are too young to protect themselves cautiously or have wise choices. Therefore, they tend to make a great attempt to help their children to discover the outside world. Nevertheless, they forget that as children grow up, they want to be more independent and develop their own identity by creating their own opinions, thoughts, styles and values about life.
One common issue that drives conflicts is the clothes of teenagers. While teens are keen on wearing fashionable clothes which try to catch up with the youth trends, parents who value traditional clothes believe that those kinds of attire violate the rules and the norms of the society. It becomes worse when the expensive brand name clothes teens choose seem to be beyond the financial capacity of parents.
Another reason contributing to conflicts is the interest in choosing a career path or education between parents and teenagers. Young people are told that they have the world at their feet and that dazzling future opportunities are just waiting for them to seize. However, their parents try to impose their choices of university or career on them regardless of their children`s preference.
Indeed, conflicts between parents and children are the everlasting family phenomena. It seems that the best way to solve the matter is open communication to create mutual trust and understanding.
12. Why do most parents still treat their teenage children like small kids?
A. Because children usually make mistakes
B. Because they think that children are too young to live independently.
C. Because they think that children can`t protect themselves well.
13. The word “offspring” in the first paragraph refers to________.
A. parents     B. children     C. mind

14. What do parents usually do to help their children as they are young?
A. They prepare everything for their children.
B. They take care of their children carefully.
C. They encourage their children to explore the outside world.
15.  Which kinds of clothes do teenagers want to wear?
A. latest fashionable clothes
B. casual clothes
C. shiny trousers and tight tops
16.  According to the passage, what are parents` viewpoints about the teenagers` clothes?
A. Teenagers` clothes get the latest teen fashion trends.
B. Teenagers` clothes are too short and ripped.
C. Teenagers` clothes are contrary to the accepted standards and values of the society.
III. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.
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