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English 11-Unit 6-Test

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Tấn Tiến
Ngày gửi: 05h:20' 19-11-2011
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Unit 6 : Competition-Test 2
Complete these sentences with one appropriate word from the box.
representatives score reciting spirit awarded
worksheets sponsored participate rules announced
The competition`s aim was to stimulate the spirit of learning English among students.
The competition was sponsored by the Students` Parents Society.
The English teacher explained the competition’s rules to the students.
You will have to answer the questions on the worksheets within two minutes.
A maximum score for each activity is 15 points.
The winner will be awarded a set of CDs.
Time was up and the judges announced the results.
To participate in the contest, you have to work in groups of three.
The final competition included the representatives of three classes.
He had difficulty reciting the poem in front of the judges.

Complete each sentence with one of the following verb (in the correct form). Use a preposition if necessary.
stay carry get break be hunt invite cause
take live deliver study close drive attend
I`ve always dreamed of living in a small house by the sea.
Mike apologized for being so rude to me.
I agreed to deliver the parcel for her.
The driver of the other car accused me of causing the accident.
We invited Jane to stay for lunch.
He admitted driving the car into his neighbor`s tree.
I congratulated Liz on getting a new job.
My bag wasn`t very heavy, but Dan insisted on carrying it for me
Tom suggested taking a rest.
We don`t approve of hunting animals for sport.
Kevin thanked us for inviting him to our party.
Brian advised me to study economics at university.
The government proposed closing a number of primary schools.
The women blamed me for breaking her glasses.
No one can prevent him from attending the meeting.

Write the sentence, using the given cues.
1. She/ not stand/ kept/ wait/ such/ long time//
She can`t stand being kept waiting for such a long time
2. America/ said/ discovered/ 1498/ Columbus//
America is said to have been discovered by Columbus in 1498.
3. I/ have/ air-conditioner/ fix/ tomorrow//
I`m having/ I`ll have an air-conditioner fixed tomorrow.
4. She/ decide/ go back/ shop/ buy/ long dress//
She decided to go back to the shop to buy the long dress
5. I/ pleased/ hear/ you/ offer/ job/ assistant manager//
I`m pleased to hear (that) you were offered a job as an assistant manager.

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.
1. A. annual B. stimulate C. result D. enthusiasm
2. A. apologise B. admit C. recite D. deny
3. A. suggested B. attended C. achieved D. disapointed
4. A. congratulate B. participant C. performance D. representative
5. A. compete B. sponsor C. explain D. observe
6. Carlos was_________ the first prize in the essay competition.
A. disappointed B. completed C. excited D. awarded
7. Time was up, and the judges_________ the results.
A. announced B. spoke C. declared D. delivered
8. He was considered “the Man of the Match” because he had_________three goals in that match.
A. won B. succeeded C. picked D. scored
9. Education is the best_________for children’s future.
A. preparation B. eradication C. promotion D. consideration
10. Children will work hard if the lesson are_________
A. expressing B. inquiring C. disappointing D. interesting
11. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007 was _________in China.
A. contributed B. played C. held D. won
12. They were bitterly_________at the result of the game.
A. disappoint B. disappointed C. disappointing D. disappointedly
13. A_________ is a competition in which people try to win something.
A. test B. examination C. contest D. survey
14. The_________of a football team usually wears a colored arm-band.
A. captain B. forward C. goalkeeper D. defender
15. Both children and adults take part in games and _________forms of entertainment.
A. various B. vary C. variety D. variously
16. How many
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