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English 7 unit 8 thi diem

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Choose the best answer:
1. Are you_____________with the result?
A. satisfy B. satisfied C. satisfying D. be satisfying
2. My brother sings_____________than me.
A. better B. weller C. gooder D. well
3. The results of the work are____________. We are very sad.
A. disappointed B. satisfying C. disappointing D. satisfied
4. This is a____________film and it makes me cry a lot.
A. funny B. moving C. comedy D. excited
5. ____________he has a lot of money, he is very mean.
A. Because B. Although C. Despite D. Because of
6. She is young but she performs____________.
A. excellent B. excel C. excellently D. excellence
7. This is a(n)______________on real life during wars in Vietnam in 1945.
A. horror film B. sci-fi C. comedy D. documentary
8. He___________the Oscar Prize as the best actor last year.
A. won B. acted C. performed D. directed
9. He is lazy.____________, he is always lucky in examinations.
A. Therefore B. But C. However D. So
10. I decided to quit this job_____________the low salary.
A. because of B. despite C. because D. although
11. " Thanks for a lovely dress!" - “_____________”
A. You`re welcome B. Yes, I do C. No, thanks D. I don`t know
12. They are very interested_____________going to the zoo.
A. to B. in C. at D. for
13. There aren’t ____________ means of transports in the countryside’s life.
A. many B. much C. a few D. a little
14. You look ____________ in that dress.
A. love B. lovely C. loving D. lovelily
Rewrite sentences:
1. Although I have a lot of money, I am not very satistied. DESPITE
2. You are too young. You cannot join this competition. TOO…TO
3. I don’t like sci-fi and my sister doesn’t, either. NEITHER
4. Let’s go to the school cafeteria. ABOUT
Put question for the underlined part of each sentence:
1. I have known Marie for nine years.
2. Sarah watched a horror film last night.
3. I will revise my lessons tonight.
Phonetics - Stress:
1. A. typed B. missed C. walked D. cleaned
2. A. satisfy B. actor C. able D. map
3. A. terrify B. disappoint C. referee D. Vietnamese
4. A. interesting B. economic C. excellent D. difficult
Choose the best answer:
1. _________________, the nicest apartment is also the cheapest.
A. Luckily B. Unluckily C. Lucky D. Unlucky
2. An watches TV every evening. ________________.
A. I do, neither. B. So I watch. C. I like so. D. So do I.
3. ______________ is the film? – Two and a half hours.
A. How far B. What time C. When D. How long
4. Tim spends a long time ______________ video games.
A. play B. playing C. to play D. plays
5. Why are you late? – Because I _______________ the bus.
A. missed B. mixed C. caught D. lost
Fill in the blank with a suitable word:
Nga lives in the city (1)…......... her parents and brothers. She lives at 14

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