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english 8 unit 10 revision

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Exercise 1: Fill in the gaps with: “enough” or “too” to complete the sentences.
He hasn’t got ____________ money to buy this car.
It is cool ____________ for you to drink.
There is ____________ much pollution in big cities.
It is ____________ high for me to jump over.
There are ____________ many people on the road.
There aren’t chairs ____________ chairs foe these people to sit.
He isn’t strong ____________ to lift this bag.
This coffee is ____________ heavy for me to drink.
Exercise 2: Match each half a sentence in column A with its suitable half in column B.

1. The weather is not warm enough
2. He is not old enough
3. The train was not fast enough
4. Tom’s grade was not good enough
5. Mr. Hung is not qualified enough
6. He is not clever enough
7. She is old enough
8. Tom is strong enough
a. to go to school.
b. to take part in those activities.
c. for him to get the scholarship.
d. to realize the trick.
e. to lift the weights.
f. to be accepted to the company.
g. for me to go swimming
h. for him to arrive on time.

Exercise 3: Read the passage and decide whether the statements are True or False
There are three main kinds of pollution, air pollution, and water pollution and noise pollution. Air, which is the most important element of our environment for our survival, can be polluted in many ways. Smoke in the air from mills, factories and industry contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane, which are all poisonous gases. This leads to health problems like asthma and lung diseases, and the thinning of the ozone layer, which protects us from harmful UV rays. China, the USA, Russia, India, Mexico and Japan are the world leaders in air pollution emissions. Water is also polluted by the discharge of commercial and industrial waste is into surface water. Sewage in drinking water is another cause of water pollution as it contains germs and viruses. The noise of vehicles, mills, and factories can be really unbearable. This kind of constant sound also causes headaches, tension, mental stress and migraines. People living next to a building site where there is too much noise can become sick, as they cannot sleep or relax. This is called noise pollution
Air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution are main kinds of pollution
Air plays the most important role in our survival.
Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane are poisonous gases.
The ozone layer helps to protect from harmful UV rays.
Chine, the USA, Russia , India, Mexico and Japan are the world leaders in air pollution prevention
The thinning of ozone layer is caused by smoke in the air from mills, factories and industry.
Sewage contains germs and viruses.
Noise pollution is caused by the discharge of commercial and industrial waste into lakes and rivers.
Noise pollution affects everybody’s mental health.
all people who live next to a building site become sick, as they cannot sleep or relax
Exercise 4: Choose the best answer
1.At 11a.m tomorrow, he’ll be in. He …………..
A. video conferenced B. video conference C. will be conferencing
2. ……….. your laptop this evening ? May I borrow it to do my project homework?
A. Do you use B. Will you be using C. Were you using
3. Which TV programme ……….. at 9p.m tomorrow?
A. did you watch B. will you watch C. will you be watching
4. What…………….. in the year 2020?
A. am I doing B. will I be doing C. do I do
5. I hope you …………… when I arrive at 2 p.m today.
A. didn’t work B. won’t be working C. don’t work
6. When she comes home late today, he …………… the dinner.
A. cooks B. is cooking C. will be cooking
7. We’re decided ……….. in Ho Chi Minh city for three more days.
A. stay B. staying C. to stay
8. Do you want ……….. a mobile phone battery that uses solar energy?
A. having B. to have C. has
9. They chose ………… the bus there.
A. to take B. will take
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