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Người gửi: Lê Hồng Phúc (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 13h:21' 10-10-2014
Dung lượng: 48.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 388
Số lượt thích: 0 người
I. Choose the word, which is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. village B. shrine C. river D. picnic
2. A. entrance B. banyan C. hamburger D. snack
3. A. tired B. enjoyed C. reached D. arrived
4. A. bamboo B. afternoon C. food D. foot
5. A. town B. grown C. mountain D. down
6. A. qualify B. scenery C. grocery D. academy
7. A. speak B. need C. heart D. read
8. A. praticed B. learned C. asked D. watched
9. A. teacher B. ready C. speaker D. easily
10. A. hard B. delicious C. wonderful D. grandmother
II. Choose the word that has the stress part pronunced differently from the others
1. A. inspiration B. collection C. reputation D. limitation
2. A. letter B. happy C. today D. lovely
3. A. addition B. probable C. nature D. example
4. A. answer B. revision C. subject D. cheerful
5. A. reduce B. empty C. factory D. glassware
III. Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences
1.They _________ in that house for several months.
A. live B.are living C. lived D. have lived
2. It rains heavily, _________ I can’t go to the movie with you.
A. because B. and C. so D. but
3. My father_________ teaching in a small village 10 years ago.
A. is starting B. started C. starts D. has started
4. Minh wishes he_________ a new bike.
A. has B. would have C. had D. will have
5. I wish you________ it again.
A. don’t do B. won’t do C. didn’t do D. wouldn’t do
6. I can’t go to the park with you________ it is raining.
A. so B. because C. and D. but
7. he wishes he_________ speak English well.
A. can B. could C. would D. will
8. It was an_________ day.
A. enjoy B. enjoyable C. enjoyment D. enjoyably
9. They walked _________ half an hour to reach the village.
A. in B. at C. to D. for
10. We will be there_________ 5;00 o’clock yesterday.
A. on/ in B. in/ on C. at/ in D. in/ at
11. She has just taken the examination _________ Maths.
A. for B. at C. on D. in
12. The telephone was_________ by Alexander Bell.
A. invent B. invented C. inventing D. inventor
13. I’m very proud_________ my school.
A. from B. at C. of D. off
14. She did the test very well and I did it well ________.
A. even B. also C. too D. so
15. He worked very hard, _________ he passed the exam easily.
A. and B. so C. but D. because
16. On the________ to the village, we saw a big hotel.
A. way B. entrance C. direction D. mountain
17. I knew her________I was a child.
A. since B. until C. while D. when
18. Hurry up, or you won’t_________ the last bus.
A. miss B. take C. catch D. go
19. He can swim and_________ can I

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