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I/Identify the mistake in the following sentences:

Peoplepractice conversation so thatthe environmentcan preservetheirneedsand the needsofallotherliving things.
We goto aschoolalmosteverydaya week.
Hestudies English in ordertowantto geta good job inthe future.
Unless Idon’ttellmysona story, he won’tgo to sleepatnight.
We were allsurprisedwithhowmuch olderthe little girllooked.
II/Read thefollowing passage and choose thebestanswer to the questions below
Itisdifficulttoknowhowmanyelephantsoncelivedinthecontinent,buttheremayhavebeenatleast3-5million elephantsinAfricaintheearlypartofthe20thcentury.Peoplehavealwayshuntedelephantsformeat,hidesandivory.Asthe humanpopulationgrewandweaponsbecamemoreadvanced,elephantswereundergreaterthreat.Inthelate1970sandearly 1980s,therewasahugedeclineinthenumberofelephantsduetotheincreaseinpoaching.Itisestimatedthattherearenow
about500,000elephantsandtheyarelivinginasmallnumberofcountries.Abanwasgivenonallinternationaltradeinivory in1989,andmanygovernmentsstartedtogivepoachersseverepunishments.Thankstosuchtimelyactions,someelephant populations,especiallythoseinsouthernAfrica,haverecoveredoverthelastdecade.However,numerousthreatsremainfor Africa’s elephants.
Itis difficultto know …
whyelephants have beenpoached. B. howmanyelephants are living now.
C. the exactnumberofelephants thatonce lived in the continent. D. whyelephants were undergreaterthreat.
Elephants are hunted …
because theyhave nowhere to hide. B. fortheirmeat, skin and ivory.
C. so thathuman populationgrows. D. because theyare verybig.
During the late 1970s andearly 1980s, the numberofelephants ….
increased hugely B. raised too much C. fellslightly D. decreased sharply
Nowadays, elephants are found ….
in alloverthe world. B. in mostoftropicalcountries.
C. in allinternationaltrade. D. onlyin certain countriesin the world.
Thetradein ivory…
hasbeenprohibited alloverthe world since 1989. B. hasbeenbanned in the early1980s.
C. was forbidden in southernAfrica. D. hasrecovered overthe lastdecade.
III/Choosetheword orphrase that bestcompletes the following sentences:
In the earlydays, films were littlemore than … photographs, usuallyone minute in length.
moving B. developing C. playing D. changing
Mysister… the work before we ….
finished/hadgoneoutB. finished/wentout C. had finished/had gone out D.has finished/wentout
The boy… howto do the job in sucha way.
wasused to tell B. wasused to be told C. usedto be told D. used to telling
Itis difficultto imagine … ourliveswould be like withoutmusic.
how B. if C. what D. that
Do youknowthe ladywasawarded …honors degreewhen she wasvery young?
a B. an C. the D.X(no word is needed)
Ifmodern technologydidnot…, we would neverhave precious information aboutthe undersea world.
have B. challenge C. provide D. exist
Ifhe … to me, we … friends.
had lied/wouldn’tbe B. lied/were never C. lied/would have notbeen D. had lied/can’tbe
It… thatthe war finallycame to an end.
wasnotuntilin 1975 B. wasnotuntil1975 C. is until1975 D. wasuntilin 1975
Weare doing… to the environment, aren’twe?
threaten B. destructive C. lost D. damage
X: “Do you think thatwe are destroying the environment?”–Y:“…”
Talking rubbish! B. What for? C.Pardon? D.You’re welcome.
Shewalked silently….
in ordernotto wantto wake the babyup B. so asnotto wakeup the baby
C. so thatshedoesn’twakethe babyup D. in orderthatthe babydidn’twantto wake up
There’s … wide and varied selection ofcheese at this supermarket.
a B. the C. an D.X(no word is needed)
Ifyou … a skeleton in the cellar, please don’tmention itto anyone.
found B. had founded C. happen to find D. are founded
Notuntilyou have done allofyourhomework …
thatcan you go outand playB. thatyou can go outand playC. can go out and playD. can you go outand play
X: “Are you taking an importantexam?” –Y:“…”
Come on, please. B.No, whatdidyou say?C.Yes, howdid you guess? D.Yes, I’d be.
Withoutplants, most waterwould … assoon asit falls, taking away valuable soil.
give up B. showoff C. takeup D. runoff
Music is usuallyplayed… specialoccasions and sets the tone forthem.
on B. in C. at D. during
…? – In orderto understand how thehuman bodyworks.
Whatdo weneed to learnchemistry B. Whatdo we need to learnchemistryfor
C. Whydo we need to learnchemistryfor D. What fordo weneed to learn chemistry
Scientists are investigating the seabed and bringing samplesofmarine life back to the surface for….
furtherstudy B. studyfarther C. fartherstudy D. studyfurther
IV/Read thefollowing passageand choose the mostsuitable optionamong A,B,CandDtofilleachnumbered blank
Conservation(30)…aconcernforthequalityoftheenvironment,sothatpeoplecanenjoylivinginit.Itmeans(31)…it healthyandsafe–andaninterestingplacetolivein.Ahealthyenvironmentalsoincludescleanstreetsandhighways,(32)…
ofhuman (34)….

VI/Choose thewordwhoseunderlined partis pronounced differently fromthe others:

Since the
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