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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 16h:27' 03-12-2017
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Choose the best option among A, B, C, or D provided to finish each of the following sentences.
1. ________ already left by the time I arrived.
A. He is B. He has C. He was D. He`d
2. He is good________ all sports.
A. at B. in C. into D. with
3. I felt frightened. It was________ experience.
A. frightening B. a frightening C. the frightening D. one frightening
4. I don`t want________ milk today.
A. some B. any C. no D. many
5. If you________ someone else, who would you like to be?
A. can be B. have been C. are D. could be
6. How long will it________ to get there?
A. cost B. lose C. make D. take
7. Nobody has________ done this before.
A. any B. can have C. have D. ever
8. There isn`t________ food in the house.
A. none B. no C. some D. any
9. He________ on his history studies all yesterday morning.
A. used to work B. had worked C. was working D. has worked
10. How fast did he drive? ________ 301 miles an hour.
A. At B. With C. To D. By
11. He sometimes________ in bed until noon.
A. stay B. is staying C. stays D. staying
12. What has happened________ this poor man?
A. with B. on C. for D. to
13. My friend, Herbert, has always been fat. He________ still fat.
A. was B. has C. has been D. is
14. That villa looks very old. When________ it built?
A. was B. does C. did D. is
15. Will you________ to finish your homework?
A. be able B. capable C. able D. opposite
16. He speaks English________ he speaks French.
A. gooder than B. worst than C. better than D. more better than
17. What did he find? - He was surprised at what________.
A. did he find B. he find C. he found D. he has found
18. Everyone is________ his best.
A. making B. saying C. working D. doing
19. Wine is made________ grapes.
A. from B. of C. on D. with
20. We can live________ nothing but water for about one month.
A. by B. for C. on D. with
21. "War and Peace" ________ the longest book I`ve ever read.
A. are B. were C. is D. was
22. Little boys like________ trees.
A. climb B. climbing C. swing from D. having a swing
23. I`m terribly sorry. `Terribly" means________.
A. quite B. quiet C. very D. extremely
24. A________ teaches or does research in physics.
A. physicist B. mathematician C. chemist D. physician
25. I`ve got no money. Can you________ me five pound?
A. lend B. borrow C. rent D. do
26. Big Ben is the________ clock in London.
A. famousest B. most famous C. more famous D. famouser
27. I shall be ready________ a moment.
A. for B. in C. with D. on
28. Have you ever gone abroad? - No, ________.
A. I never have B. I have never C. I have D. I have ever
29. Fred was sent to school________ the age of six.
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