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12099162 Kính chào các thầy, cô. Khi cài đặt phần mềm , trên PowerPoint và Word sẽ mặc định xuất hiện menu Bộ công cụ Violet để thầy, cô có thể sử dụng các tính năng đặc biệt của phần mềm ngay trên PowerPoint và Word. Tuy nhiên sau khi cài đặt phần mềm , với nhiều máy tính sẽ...
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Người gửi: Trịnh Ngọc Cường
Ngày gửi: 14h:40' 04-09-2018
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Số lượt tải: 1964
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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. question B. mutual C. situation D. action
A. honest B. honour C. honey D. ghost
A. rumour B. humour C. mutual D. duty
II.Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:
1. A. sneaky B. floppy C. icing D. embrace
2. A. loyalty B. constancy C. acquaintance D. confidence
3. A. gossip B. interest C. between D. friendship
III. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.
1. The teacher made them __________ silent.
A. to keep B. keeping C. keep D. kept
2. She was able __________ English when she was very young.
A. to sing B. sing C. singing D. sang
3. Please let me __________ my result as soon as possible.
A. to know B. know C. knew D. knowing
4. I want __________ the film that you told me yesterday.
A. see B. seeing C. saw D. to see
5. Could you please stop __________ so much noise?
A. make B. to make C. made D. making
6. Have you finished __________ on this project?
A. working B. work C. worked D. to work
7. Remember__________ the letter for me tomorrow.
A. posting B. to post C. post D. will post
8. She said that she had talked to me but I didn’t remember __________ her before.
A. seeing B. to see C. not seeing D. see
9. Let your name__________ in the sheet of paper.
A. write B. be written C. written D. to write
10. I was very__________ when my mom kept calling me “honey” in front of my friends.
A. embarrassing B. embarrassed C. embarrassment D. embarrassingly
11. We don’t mind __________ photographs of your wedding party.
A. to take B. take C. taking D. took
12. We hoped __________ by our teacher.
A. to help B. helping C. to be helped D. being helped
13. Nick didn’t expect __________ to Caroline’s party.
A. to invite B. to be invited C. inviting D. being invited
14. They decided __________ their old house.
A. to not sell B. not selling C. not sold D. not to sell
15. When I __________ home, my parents __________ T.V in the sitting room.
A. went/ watched B. was going/ watched
C. went/ had watched D. went/ were watching
16. We should take care of war invalids and family of martyrs.
A. look after B. look for C. look into D. look at
IV. Use the right form of the verbs below.
1. When I (walk) ___________ to work I saw him.
2. Why did you avoid (meet) ________ him at the party last night?
3. By the time I arrived at the station the train (leave) ________ already.
4. James (not attend) ________ our wedding party last year.
5. We hoped (help) __________ by the teacher.
6. Would you mind (lend) ___________ me your pen?
7. They decided (not sell) ___________ their old house.
8. She managed (open)__________ the door.
9. Do you mind (not use) _________ my phone?
10. When he (drive) __________ to work he had an accident.
11. Before she went to the cinema she (buy) ________ the ticket.
12. William (not write) ___________ to me two weeks ago.
13. By the time you came back we (clean) _________ your room.
14. When she (read) _________ books the phone rang.
15. Their parents (not be) __________ at home yesterday.
16. We don’t mind (take) _________ photographs of your wedding party.
17. Peter
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