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Người gửi: Phan Phuong Linh
Ngày gửi: 13h:24' 25-09-2019
Dung lượng: 2.5 MB
Số lượt tải: 79
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Date of teaching:……………..
Period: 01
I. Objectives
- By the end of this lesson , Ss can know something about England.
- Helps sts understand sth about English and have the effective ways to learn it.
II. Teaching aids.
- Book, planning, picture
III. Procedure
Class organization.
- Greeting.
- Checking attendance: 6A2.
New lesson.



- Listening…

- It located in North-west coast of Europe with very mild weather not too hot but not too cold.
- It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
- It’s official name is the UK
- Each part has its own flag of UK.
-There are many interesting things of England and you’ll gradually know about them in the progress of learning English.
English is used all over the world in every aspect of life.
It’s the international language of every fields: communication,trade,economic, cooperation......

It consists of 6 units
Unit 1: My new school – 7 lessons
Unit 2: My home
Unit 3: My friends
Review 1
Unit 4:My Neighbourhood
Unit 5: Natural Wonders of the world
Unit 6 : Our Tet Holiday
Review 2

- English is not too difficult but it requires your working hard.
- Focusing on vocabulary you come across. Write sentence with the new words to understand more
- Review the lesson everyday.
- Practise English everyday
Prepare for unit 1: My new school.


have students predict, read the text and check

-play the recording
-explain the meaning
-give some example

-Play the recording.
-Let the whole class read the poem with the right intonation and rhythm.
-Ask questions to check Ss’

-Ask Ss to match the words
-Play the recording.
-have Ss listen and repeat..

-ask Ss to role-play the short conversations in pairs

-tell Ss look around the class.
-Ask what they see around them/ what they have: table, desks,……
- have Ss practice the words


-listen and repeat
-copy and remember the words

-tell Vietnamese
-do as directed

- Find these expressions in the conversation.
-Check what they mean.

- listen
-read the following poem

- listen and repeat

-work in pairs.
-Create short role-plays with the expressions.

-find something in class
- write the words
-can also draw picture
-ask your teacher

Date of teaching:……………..
Period: 02Lesson 1: Listen and read

I.Objective: By the of the lesson, students will be able to use the lexical items related to the topic” My New School” ; talk about school activities, subject , and what Ss do at school
II.Language contents:
+Vocabulary: knocking, excited, calculator, uniform, smart
+Structures: present simple
III.Techniques: True or False, matching.

*Warmer: Chatting
Questions about the picture:
Ex: What is Phong doing?
Who are Vy and Duy?
Why is it a special day?
-knocking: gõ cửa
-excited: phấn khích
-calculator: máy tính
-uniform: đồng phục
-smart: lịch sự, thanh nhã

A special day
-As it is the first lesson of the school year, T should let Ss introduce themselves and/ or introduce some warm-up activities.
-Focus on the characters, Phong, Vy and Duy, and the key language and structures to be learnt.
-Write the title on the board’A special day’
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