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Giáo án bồi dưỡng Tiếng Anh 9

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Hồng Ánh
Ngày gửi: 20h:21' 17-04-2016
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Unit 1:A visit from a pen pal

I. Aims:
-To help ss revise and practice the grammar and vocabulary in unit 1
- To help ss practice 4 skills more
- To help ss practice doing all kinds of exercises
By the end of the lesson:- Ss will be able to revise and practice:
Vocabulary and Grammar: tenses: past simple,used to
- Ss can practice doing some kinds of exercises more
III. Materials:
Textbook , boards, lesson plan, Reference books
IV.Ways of working:
- Communicative ,pairs, groups and individual
V.Anticipated problems:
Some ps are lazy and forget the knowledge of tenses

Teacher’s activities

1.Warm up:
-Checking the old lesson:
Game: Write the vocabulary in unit1

-The team which writes more wins
2.New lesson:
- Ask ss some qs:
What did you do yesterday?
Did you learn English last evening?
What time did you learn it?....
* Practice:
-Ask ss to repeat the use and form of: a.Past simple

b. Used to

Student’s activities

-Play the game:
T1 - T2 –
- -


a.Past simple
- Use:
Form:(+) S +Ved/Vc2 + O
(-) S +didn’t + Vinfi +O
(?) Did +S +Vinfi+ O?
Yes, S + did
No, S +didn’t
(wh) wh + did + S+ Vinfi...?
Wh+Ved/c2 +O?
Signs : yesterday, ago ,last......
b.Used to
- Use:
- Form: (+) S + used to + Vinfi .......
(-) S + didn’t + use to+ Vinfi....
(?) Did + S +use to + Vinfi...?
(Wh) Wh+ did + S +use to + Vinfi...?
Wh+used to +Vinfi+O?

- Do exs 1,2,5 on page 5 -11 in the workbook
-Do exs in the reference books
Ex1: Choose the best answer .
1.It was a boring weekend, I .......anything ( did/don’t do/ didn’t do/ would do)
2.Lan and Maryam are pen pals. They........ each other twice a month ( are writing/ write / has writen/ wrote)
3.Lan enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.......Maryam was praying ( when/ during/while/ where)
4.I was very ....by the efficiency of the staff ( imprssed/ corresponded/ comprised/ intersted)
5.I rarely eat ice cream now but I ......it when I was a child
( eat/ used to eat/ am eating / has eaten)
6.Nam wishes he ........Thanh some money for her rent, but he’s broke himself
( can lend/ would lend/ could lend/ lend)
7.Would you like ........... and visit me next summer?(to come/ coming/ came/ come)
8.We must learn English at school. It’s a ...language.
( primary/ compulsory/ national/opional)
Ex2 : BT nâng cao: Write the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word in brackets
I had my old coat on ( wearing)
It isn’t true that I made a mistake (didn’t)
No one told me about the change of the plan ( know)
When I was a child we lived in Britan( used)
My friend was the winner of the competition(won)
She’s sorry she can’t play the piano ( wishes)
Ex3:Find the mistake and correct it
a.The hotel were very expensive
b.Malaysia is divided in two regions
c.I came not to the party last night
d.We had our dinner when the phone rang
e.They didn’t used to like each other.
f.In 1989 I left university and started work.
g.Were you use to get up late?
-Ask ps to do the exercises in groups
-Call ps to do on the board
-Call ps to remark +correct
-Give key
-Repeat the vocabulary
4. Homework:
-Learn by heart the Vocs+Grammar
-Do the exercises again

WEEK : 2

Unit 1:A visit from a
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