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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 12h:48' 06-10-2008
Dung lượng: 154.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 29
Số lượt thích: 0 người
vocabulary & grammar
1 - He is interested-------------------dancing.
A. at B. in C. by D. of
2 - My mother is fed -----------------with doing the housework everyday.
A. up B. of C. on D. in
3 - Children enjoy ---------------- cartoons.
A. watch B. watching C. watched D. to watch
4- I am afraid of ------------------ alone in dark.
A. being left B. left C. to be interested D. interest
5 - English people are --------------------in playing football.
A. interested B. interesting C. to be interested D. to be interesting
6 - John hasn`t got a job. He has to live on---------------- benefit.
A. employ B. employing C. unemployment D. employment
7 - She`s proud of her --------------------.
A. successful B. success C. succeed D. succeeded
8 - Anna can`t get the job because there are too many ---------------------- for it.
A. engineers B. interviewers C. applicants D. workers
9 - There are many -------------------- ways to learn English vocabulary.
A. different B. differences C. differ D. differing
10 - Nam stopped ----------------------- two years ago.
A. smoking B. smoke C. to smoke D. smoked
11 - A ------------storm has swept a hundred of houses away.
A. strong B. heavy C. hard D. long
12 - My child would rather read books than -------------------anything else.
A. doing B. to do C. did D. do
13 - My friend doesn`t like asking her mother ----------- money.
A. to B. in C. for D. with
14 - Mrs Lan ------------------- up being on a diet because it was not effective.
A. gives B. giving C. to give D. gave
15 - Anna has just graduated from university. She wants to apply ----------. a suitable job.
A. at B. for C. to D. in
16 - He is unemployment. He gets some unemployment ………..
A. salary B. card C. benefit D. currency
17 - A long walk makes every body ----------------
A. tired B. tiring C. to tire D. tire
18 - My teacher is a ------------- smoker. He smokes 30 cigarettes a day.
A. much B. heavy C. many D. big
19 - Her parents can`t stand --------------------her at home all day.
A. to see B. see C. seeing D. seen
20 - I am tired ---------------- watching the same program every day.
A. in B. on C. with D. of
21 - While she ----------------the phone rang.
A. was cooking B. cooked C. cooking D. cook
22 - My mother is used to ---------------a speaker.
A. to be B. being C. have been D. been
23 - She doesn`t have time to go shopping because she`s too ----------------- with her work
A. busy B. bored C. get up D. tired
24 - His roof was broken by a ---------------- wind two weeks ago.
A. hard B. big C. strong D. much
25. He has learned English for 4 years, and she is good --------------English now
A. by B. at C. for D. in
26. They have grown roses here--------------1990
A. for B. since C. during D. in
27. You`ll miss the train ------------------you don`t hurry up.
A. if B. When C. since D. unless
28. He is my ----------------- brother. But he looks younger than me
A. elder
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