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Ngày gửi: 14h:05' 02-01-2021
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WEEK:20 Preparing date:
Period: 55 Teaching date:
Lesson 1: Getting started

I./. OBJECTIVE: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to know some words, phrases related to traffic topic. The usage of “How” to ask about means of transport.
1. Knowledge:
a. Vocabulary: - The lexical items related to the topic “ traffic”
b. Grammar: It indicating distance, used to.
2. Skills: Practicing skills
3. Attitude: - Positive about traffic.
- Students know how to learn English in right way.
- Ss are interested in doing exercises.
4. Competences:
- Co-operation
- Self- study
- Using language to talk about traffic.
1.Teacher: book, planning, picture, laptop, projector
2.Students: books, notebooks
III./. TEACHING METHODS: Communicative approach, group Ss and T’s activities, play as a character, teaching methods with game, teaching methods by visual, teaching methods by practising, discussion group, technical present….

Ss’ and T’s activities

1. Warm up.
- T introduces the topic “ Traffic”
Ask: How/ By what means do you go to school every day?
On foot? By bicycle? By bus? On your parents’ motorbike…
- What means of transport is faster? What mean is safer? What means do you like most?Why?
- What can you see on the way to school every day?
- Who are Mai and Oanh?
- What may they talk about?
+ Play the recording. Ss listen and read.

2. Getting started
E1-a: Ss work independently or in pairs to choose the correct answer to the questions. T then checks their answers, and gives explaination if necessary.
b- Ss work in pairs. T lets them check the answers in pairs or groups, then gives the keys. If there’s time, call some pairs to read the questions and give answers.

C- Colloquial expressions.
Tell Ss to refer back to the conversation to find the phrases. Ss practise saying them together ( T plays the recording again if necessary). Explain the meaning to the Ss, then give some examples.

d. Ask Ss to role-player the short conversations in pairs before creating their short role-plays. More able Ss can try to extend the conversation.

3. Doing

E2. Ss work in pairs and write the means of transport under the right pictures. Then T lets Ss read each word correctly. Check and correct their pronunciation.

E3. Ss work individually to do the task, and write their answers in their notebooks. T checks their answers.

4. Let Ss stand up and go round the class to ask everyone the question:
Ss have to take notes, and then some of them report their result to the class.

4.Further practice:
- Lets sts summarize the content of the lesson
-Learn new words and phrases
Prepare A closer look 1.

1. Getting started
a. Choose the correct answer.
1. B 2. A 3. B 4.

b. Answer the following questions.
1. She played with her brother/ stayed at home.
2. It’s about 2 kilometers.
3. She usually goes to school with her dad.
4. Because sometimes there are traffic jams
5. She goes to school by bike.
c. Can you find the following in the conversation? Do you know what they mean?
1. to have someone’s attention.
2. when you strongly support or agree with something.
3. very excited and keen to do something.

d. Work in pairs. Make short role-plays with the expressions above. Then practice them.
Example: - How about cycling to school with me tomorrow?
- Great idea!

2. Means of transport.

Write the words using the first letter given.
1. bike/ bicycle
2. bus
3. plane
4. boat
5. ship
6. train
7. motorbike
8. car
3. Match a verb on the left with a means of transport on the right. There may be more than one correct answer.
1. ride a bike 2. drive a car
3. fly by plane 4. sail on/ in a boat
5. get on/ get off a bus/ a train/ a bike/ a motorbike.
4. Find someone in your class who
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