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Giao an tieng anh 6 moi, unit 6 lesson 5 skills 1 chuan khong can chinh

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Người gửi: trương thị thùy dung
Ngày gửi: 20h:05' 10-12-2017
Dung lượng: 45.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 60
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Date of preparing : 2/ 12/ 2017
Date of teaching: 11/ 12/ 2017
Period 48: Unit 6 : OUR TET HOLIDAY
Lesson 5 : SKILLS 1
I. Objectives
By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
Know more about New Year in some countries.
Talk about Tet activities and traditions.
Use will/won’t or should/shouldn’t in communication.
Improve speaking and reading skills.
II. Materials
Text book
Board, chalk, TV, computer, poster, papers…
III. Procedure
Warm up
Play game: Brainstorming
+ T divides class into 2 teams. T writes the topic on the board (Countries).
+The members of 2 teams have to run one by one to the board and write down all the words related to country.
+After 2 minutes. The team has more right answers and faster is the winner.
+The whole class congratulate the winner.
- Lead in: T shows the pictures of Russ, Wu and Mai. Asks ss some questions about them. Then leads in: “To know more about their New Year’s activities, let’s come to our new lesson today: SKILLS 1.”
New lesson
Teacher’s and students’ activities

I. Pre-reading
1. Presenting vocabulary
- T uses some techniques to elicit the new words.
- strike midnight (v): picture
- bow (v): mime
- belief (n): explain
- backwards : mime
- poverty (n): picture
2. Checking vocabulary: R O R
II. While-reading
1. Activity 2.
- T runs through the statements.
- Asks ss to read the passage in 2 minutes.
- T asks ss to do the activity 2 individually.
- T calls on some ss to give the answers.
- T checks as class.
2. Activity 3
- Ss close their books.
- T divides class into 4 groups.
- Each group receives a poster and papers of phrases from activity 3.
- T asks each group to tick the papers into right column.
- T hangs the answers of 2 fastest groups on the board.
- Others change their answer to check.
- Teacher checks with whole class.
III. Post-reading: Activity 5
-T asks ss to give 2 popular beliefs they know about New Year individually.

I. Presentation: Review structure Will/won’t and Should/shouldn’t.
- T calls on some ss to review the structures.

II. Practice
1. Play game: Noughts and crosses



- Ss work in 2 teams.
- Each team takes turn to choose the number. With a number, each team has to answer the question and marks their sign.
- The team which has their signs making a line, a row or a cross first is the winner.

2. Activity 6: Make a conversation
- T shows a model conversation
- T calls on ss to read the model.
- T asks ss to work in pairs to make their own conversation.
- T calls on some pairs to present.
- T checks the pronunciation.
III. Production
- T calls on some pairs to role play in front of class.
- T asks ss to retell the main contents in the lesson.

- T shows the homework.
- Ss take note.


1. Vocabulary
- strike midnight (v): điểm lúc nửa đêm
- bow (v) /baʊ/ : cúi chào
- belief (n)  /bɪ`li:fniềm tin
- backwards /`bækwədz/(adv): về phía sau
- poverty (n) /ˈpɒvəti/: sự nghèo khó

2. Activity 2: Say who the following statements refer to?
- Key:
1C 2A 3B
4C 5B 6C

3. Activity 3: Test your memory
Appear (v): a-b-c-e-f-g-i
Don’t appear (x) : d-h-j

4. Activity 5: 2 popular beliefs you know about New Year.
- Suggested answers:
+ Belief 1: Dogs are lucky animals.
+ Belief 2: The first footer is very important.
- Talk about intentions: Will/ Won’t
- Give advices: Should/ Shouldn’t
- Structure:
S+ will/won’t + V-inf
Should/ Shouldn’t

2.Game: Noughts and Crosses
-Suggested answers:
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