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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
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Nguồn: ST
Người gửi: Trương Tố Như
Ngày gửi: 07h:49' 24-10-2017
Dung lượng: 224.9 KB
Số lượt tải: 1855
Số lượt thích: 3 người (Hoàng Văn Hoàn, Phạm Hoài Duyên, Nguyễn Vũ Tuyền)
Odd one out
A. square B. railway station C. art gallery D. narrow
A. convenient B. noisy C. statue D. polluted
A. sleepy B. factory C. happy D. friendly
A. faster B. clever C. hotter D. noisier
A. neighbour B. suburbs C. backyard D. park
A. cathedral B. pagoda C. temple D. restaurant
Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
That building is _____________ than this one.
Tall b. taller c. more tall d. more taller
Where’s the supermarket? – Go to __________ of this street. It’s on your _________
The end / right b. past / right c. along / left d. straight / lelf
What _____ the people there _____?
Do/ like b. are / like c. is / like d. a & b are correct
Turn left _________ the traffic lights.
In b. on c. at d. past
Can you _________________ to the university?
Tell me the way b. show me the way c. tell me how to get d. all are correct
Cities are often noisy and crowded _________________ Dalat is peaceful and quiet
But b. and c. so d. therefore
First take the second turning on your left. Then _________________. It’s on your left.
Straight on b. go straight ahead c. keep straight d. all are correct
Life in the countryside is _________________. There aren’t many things to do there.
Interesting b. boring c. exciting d. fantastic
Living in a house is _________________ than living in a flat.
Convenient b. inconvenient c. more convenient d. more inconvenient
Excuse me. Where is the supermarket? - _________________
It’s on Quang Trung street, opposite the park
Yes, there’s one at the corner of the street
Go to the end of the street, it’s on your right
A & C
I’d like _________ you some things about my neighbourhood.
To tell b. tell c. telling d. a & c
The town has many motorbikes. It’s very _________________.
Quiet b. noisy c. hot d. peaceful
Is Hanoi more _________________ than Dalat?
Exciting b. hot c. large d. noisier
Excuse me. I need some stamps and envelops. Is there a _________________ near here?
Park b. cathedral c. chemist’s d. post office
Every house _________________ a backyard and a front yard.
Have b. has c. is d. are
I think we _________________
Lost b. are lost c. lose d. are losing
People here are _________________
Friendly b. more friendly c. more friendlier d. all are correct
_________________ go to the museum this weekend?
Would you like b. Shall we c. Let’s d. all are correct
It is _________________ here because there’s always a lot of traffic.
Quiet b. noisy c. historic d. all are correct
_________________ lots of places to see.
There are b. there is c. it’s d. they’re
Making suggestions
What shall we do this afternoon? What shall we do this evening?
Shall we play football? Shall we go to the cinema?
Oh, sure No, let’s go out and have an ice-cream.
Go to the school cafeteria/ this afternoon / yes

Eat in fast food restaurant / tonight / No

Do homework together / after school / Yes

Go to the beach / this weekend / No

Write sentences with the cues given. Follow the model
Ex: Hanoi / small / Saigon
Hanoi is smaller than Saigon.
The United States / big / Great Britain.
December / long / February.
England / warm / California.
Christie / old / Sam.
A dog / heavy / a cat.
A film / interesting / a play.
She / talkative / her sister.
A bed /
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