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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 17h:38' 18-01-2015
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break down figures = take a total and sub-divide it under various headings so as to give additional information:
You say that 10,000 people use this library. Could you break that
down into age-groups? (say how many of these are under 25, over 50 etc.)
break down a door etc. = cause to collapse by using force:
The firemen had to break down the door to get into the burning
house, (break the door down/break it down)
break down (intr) = collapse, cease to function properly, owing to some fault or weakness:
(a) Used of people, it normally implies a temporary emotional collapse:
He broke down when telling me about his son`s tragic death. (He was overcome by his sorrow; he wept.)
(b) It can express collapse of mental resistance:
At first he refused to admit his guilt but when he was shown the evidence he broke down and confessed.
(c) When used of health it implies a serious physical collapse:
After years of overwork his health broke down and he had to retire.
(d) It is very often used of machines:
The car broke down when we were driving through the desert and it took us two days to repair it.
(e) It can be used of negotiations:
The negotiations broke down (were discontinued) because neither side would compromise.
break in (intr), break into (tr)
(a) = enter by force:
Thieves broke in and stole the silver.
The house was broken into when the owner was on holiday.
(b) = interrupt someone by some sudden remark:
/ was telling them about my travels when he broke in with a story of his own.
break in (a young horse/pony etc.) (tr) = train him for use:
You cannot ride or drive a horse safely before he has been broken in.
break off (tr or intr) = detach or become detached:
He took a bar of chocolate and broke off a bit. (broke a bit off/broke it off)
A piece of rock broke off and fell into the pool at the foot of the cliff.
break off (tr) = terminate (used of agreements or negotiations):
Ann has broken off her engagement to Tom. (broken her engagement off/broken it off)
break off (intr) = stop talking suddenly, interrupt oneself:
They were in the middle of an argument but broke off when someone came into the room.
break out (intr) (a) = begin (used of evils such as wars, epidemics, fires etc.):
War broke out on 4 August.
(b) = escape by using force from a prison etc.:
They locked him up in a room but he broke out. (smashed the door and escaped)
The police are looking for two men who broke out of prison last night
break up (tr or intr) = disintegrate, cause to disintegrate:
If that ship stays there she will break up/she will be broken up by the waves.
The old ship was towed away to be broken up and sold as scrap.
Divorce breaks up a lot of families, (breaks families up/breaks them up)
break up (intr) = terminate (used of school terms, meetings, parties etc.):
The school broke up on 30 July and all the boys went home for the holidays.
The meeting broke up in confusion.
BREAK AWAY = A. leave others behind B. leave State or organization Examples: A. Lance Armstrong broke away from the other riders to win his 8th tour De France. B. The break away Republic of Osetia is causing problems for their neighbors again. BREAK DOWN = A. end negotiations B. begin to cry C. stop working D. have physiological problems Examples: A. The mid-east peace talks broke down after only two days. B. She broke down when he left her. C. The truck broke down in the desert. D. She had a break down after her husband died in a terrorist attack. BREAK IN = A. wear or use sth new B. interrupt C. enter unlawfully Examples: A. I need to break in these new shoes... they`re killing my feet. B. While discussing the subject, John broke in with his take on the situation. C. There was a break in down the street last night be sure to lock up. BREAK IN ON = interrupt Examples: John broke in on our private conversation... how rude! BREAK INTO = enter unlawfully Examples: A burglar broke into our house and took all of my mom`s jewels. BREAK OFF = A. end relationship B. stop speaking about sth Examples: A. Are you still with
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