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unit 1(kết hợp sách thí điểm và sách cơ bản)

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I. Dùng những từ đã cho điền vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu:



1. I have a lot of ________ at work but I don`t have any real friends.
2. Despite differences in background and outlook, their partnership is based on _________ respect, trust and understanding.
3. Our relationship can not last longer because he seems to be very __________. He only thinks about himself.
4. I met her at the school opening in 1990. We have been _________ friends since then.
5. To keep a friendship, you can not always resist on your own way - there has to be some _________.
6. When all her other friends deserted her, Steve remained _________.
7. She is a brilliant mathematician, but as a lecturer, she is totally __________.
8. What do you know about a true _________? And what does it tell you?
9. You can _______ Jack to look after the money. He`s completely honest.
10. The ________ of your love for Indian food really amazes me.
11. They really want to send my warm _______ to the people who lost their relatives in the earthquake on December 13th.
12. That song is so ___________. It always brings a tear to my eye.
II. Đọc đoạn văn sau và làm các bài tập theo yêu cầu:
Americans are geographically mobile and learn to develop friendship easily and quickly. Approximately one of every five Amerian families move every year. People relocate because they begin their new jobs, attend distant colleges, get married, have children or simply want to change their lives. Perhaps as consequence of these, people form and end friendships quickly. Students attending two or three universities during their undergraduate and graduate years may change their circles of friends several times.
Relationships based on a common activity may face or end when activity ends. Students might meet in classes and remain friends for the duration of the course and then stop seeing each other after the final examination. The same holds true for neighbors who are the closest of friends until one moves away. In these friendships, shared daily experiences form the foundation for the friendship. Enduring their friendships develop when individuals have similar interests and a common outlook on life. The high rate of mobility in the United States can explain a great deal about transient friendships.
It is easy to be misled (bị hiểu sai) by instant friendship which may appear to be deep and personal but are really superficial (hời hợt). Friendship and friendliness are not synonymous (đồng nghĩa). Friendliness is characterized much of American daily interaction but is not always and indication of friendship. Strangers may share life histories without any intention of pursuing a relationship. Characterizing instant friendship is the appearance of two people becoming close but, in reality, there is no strong bond between them. Brief encounters do not always imply desire for further contact. Many people frequently smile or say, "Have a nice day!" or "See you later," or even extend an invitation as part of a cultural pattern of politeness. Such expressions do not always suggest an offer of continued friendship.
Dựa vào nội dung đoạn văn trên, trả lời câu hỏi sau:
1. Why do Americans form and end friendships quickly?
2. Why do students in the USA change their circles of friends several times?
3. What can explain a great deal about transient friendship in the USA?
4. What is friendliness characterized?
5. Is friendliness and indication of friendship?
Dựa vào nội dung đoạn văn trên, xác định các câu sau là ĐÚNG, SAI hay KHÔNG THỂ BIẾT ĐƯỢC (Không xác
định được). Nếu đúng, điền "T". Nếu sai, điền "F". Nếu không thể biết được, điền "I" vào chỗ trống đầu mỗi câu.
6. ________ Americans are geographically mobile so they develop friendship easily and quickly.
7. ________ American families move because they change their jobs, attend distant colleges,get married,and have children.
8. ________ Students in the United States don`t like to change their friends.
9. ________ Students meet in class and become permanent friends after the course.
10. ________ Americans should form the foundation for the frienship by sharing daily experiences.
11. ________ Friendship and friendliness are characterized the same.
12. ________ Instant friendship is the close relationship between two people for a certain tie, such as job or school.
13. ________ We must form our friendship basing on mutual trust and self-sacrifice.
14. ________ Friendliness is an indication of friendship.
15. ________ "Have a nice day!" is a good expression to start a conversation to make friends.
1. Dùng GERUND hoặc TO INFINITIVE để hoàn thành các câu sau
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