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Code: 188

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others
A. polluted B. consume C. nuclear D. fuel
A. survive B. prohibit C. fertilizer D. environment
Circle the best answer for each sentence.
The major stone sections of the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty remain intact thanks to the unique construction techniques.
A. special B. common C. excellent D. ancient
The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was first built during the Ly Dynasty and then expanded by subsequent dynasties.
A. following B. successive C. preceding D. next
Visitors with more abundant travel budgets can enjoy the comfort of five-star hotels and luxury cruise ships.
A. huge B. plentiful C. mean D. tight
The balance and harmonious blending of various elements contribute to Taj Mahal’s unique beauty.
A. successful B. agreeable C. tasteful D. fitting
My Son Sanctuary` is a large complex of religious relics comprising more than 70 architectural works such as towers, temples, and tombs.
A. royal B. precious C. holy D. valuable
In addition to exploring the caves and grottos, and seeing its flora and fauna, visitors can also enjoy mountain climbing.
A. flowers and plants B. plants and animals
C. plants and vegetation D. flowers and grass
They can enjoy the comfort and elegance of five-star hotels and luxury cruise ships.
A. style B. convenience C. standard D. grace
Most of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was demolished in the early 20,h century.
A. rebuilt B. pulled down C. put up D. pulled up

I live in a pleasant room ____________ the garden.
A. to overlook B. overlooking C. overlooked D. which overlooking
The people __________ for the bus in the rain are getting well
A. waiting B. to wait C. waited D. wait
Melanie was the only person __________ a letter of thanks.
A. wrote B. written C. to write D. writing
The pilot was the only man __________ after the crash.
A. was rescued B. rescued C. rescuing D. to be rescued
The house ______ in the storm has now been rebuilt.
A. destroyed B. destroying C. which destroyed D. that is destroyed
The man ______ at the blackboard is our teacher.
A. stood B. stands C. standing D. to stand
Tom was the last ______the classroom yesterday.
A. to leave B. leaving C. left D. leaves
Linda was the last student ______ at the oral exam.
A. to be asked B. asking C. asks D. to ask
The bridge _____ by French architects is very nice.
A. was designed B. designing C. to design D. designed
One of the reasons for VNese students’ studying abroad is the quality of the ___________ programmes in higher education.
A. vocational B. training C. academic D. worldwide
Most of these students are interested in pursuing ___________ studies for bachelor’s degrees.
A. post-graduate B. undergraduate D. pre-university
Some universities in the US offer different ___________ to international students to help to cover tuition fee and living cost.
A. qualifications B. scholarships C. skills D. requirement
What’s the name of the man ………… car you borrowed?
A. that B. who C. whom D. whose
This is Mr. Brown, about …… I told you.
A. that B. who C. him D. whom
The old man ………….a black suit is a famous energy researcher.
A. to wear B. wearing C. whom is wearing D. is wearing
The boy ……….. in the accident was ……….. to hospital.
A. injuring/ taking B. injured/ taking C. injuring/ taken D. injured/ taken
My friend, …………… I visited last week, is taking a holiday soon.
A. that B. which C. whose D. whom
A fund will be set up for the …….. species.
A. popular
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