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Full name:………………………………….Class : 11A………..(odd)

I. Choose the words that have different pronunciation of the underlined part. 1pt
A. who B. wheel C. whether D. whale
A. win B. wine C. wrong D. wet
A. summer B. educate C. club D. public
A. donation B. natural C. situation D. suggestion
II. Choose the best answers to complete the sentences: 3.5 pts
______ for twelve hours, I felt marvelous.
A. Having slept B. have slept C. Having been slept D. have been slept
By the time their baby arrives, the Johnson hope ______ painting and decorating the new nursery.
A. having finished B. to have finished C. having been finished D. to have been finished
She`s angry about ______ to the farewell party last night.
A. not having invited B. not to have invited C. not having been invited D. not to have been invited
______ driver of the other car accused me of causing the accident.
A. a B. an C. Ø D. the
5. By the time we arrived , he.........................for the office
A. left B. has left C. had left D. was leaving
6.I notice the lorry _________down the hill.
A. to come B. came C. coming D. having come
7. The police accused him of_______fire to the building but he denied____in the area on the night of the fire.
A. setting/ being B. setting/ having been C. set/ be D. having set/ having been
8. The competition was _______ by the Students` Parents Society.
A. sponsor B. to sponsor C. sponsored D. sponsoring
9. Marta doesn`t like to have her picture taken. She avoids _______
A. photographing B. to photograph C. being photographed D. to be photographed
10. ______in the contest, you have to work in groups of three.
A. To participate B. Participating C. Being participated D. Participate
11. The final competition included the ____of three classes.
A. worksheets B. representatives C. judges D. rules
12. There is a special fund for the severely _________.
A. orphan B. volunteer C. aged D. handicapped
13. The lawn needs cutting again.
A. repairing B. making C. bending D. mowing
14. We were involved in the anti-drug campaign up until the last minute.
A. included B. affected C. taken part D. interested
III. Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question :3 pts
Every four years people all over the world watch the Olympic Games. It is a time for all kinds of people to unite in peace. Some of them join together to compete for gold medals. Millions of other people watch them on television.
Why do we have the Olympic ? How did they begin ?
The first Olympic Games were in Greece in 776 B.C. There was only one event. People ran a nice the length of the stadium. The Games lasted one day.
Slowly people added more events. The Games were only for men, and women could not even watch them. Only Greeks competed. They came from all parts of the Greek world. The time of the Games way; a time of peace, and government let everyone travel safely. The winners became national heroes.
The first modem Games were in 1896 in Athens. The Greeks built a new stadium for the competition. Athletes from several countries competed. Then there were Olympics every four years in different cities in Europe and the United States until 1952. After that they were in Melbourne, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Montreal besides in European cities. Each year there were athletes from more nations. The first Winter Olympics were in 1924. The athletes compete in skiing and other winter sports.
Today there must be Olympic Games every four years. The games must have at least fifteen events, and they cannot last more than sixteen days. There is no age limit - people of any age can compete. The competitors must not be professionals. They must be amateurs. The Athletes compete for gold medals. The winners are still national heroes, as they were in the early Olympic Games in Greece.
1. Which one of the following statements is TRUE
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