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Ngày gửi: 10h:10' 14-02-2019
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Da Phuc High School

Time allowance: 45 minutes
(School year: 2017-2018)
Number: 118

Phonetics: (1p)
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.
A. challenge B. characteristic C. achieve D. charity
A. prioritize B. routine C. figure D. limit
Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from others:
3. A. background B. attitude C. respectful D. hardship
4. A. citizen B. creative C. employment D. percentage

Grammar and vocabulary: (4p)
Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets:
Before (give) ______________evidence you must swear (speak) ________________the truth.
I _____________ (work) for big companies like this before. I know how they operate.
He expects me (answer) ___________by return but I have no intention of (reply) __________at all.
I (have ) _____________ this toy since my birthday.
Give the correct form of the word in brackets:
We should get ___________ in charity work to help people in need. (involve)
We must watch out for vehicles in ____________ when we cross the road. (mobile)
He took part in many sport competition despite his ____________. (able)
He likes reading and he reads all kinds of books, so he is ____________. (inform)
Choose the best option.
1. A________ is a series of actions intended to achieve a goal.
A. donation B. condition C. campaign D. impairment
2. People with _______ impairment often have difficulty understanding new things and cannot learn quickly.
A. speech B. cognitive C. hearing D. non-abled
3. There is hope the disabled boy will soon be able to ______ into an inclusive school and attend regular education classes with a mixed group of children.
A. integrate B. accept C. combine D. include
4. The _______have to suffer from a serious physical or mental disability.
A. handicapped B. aged C. orphans D. educated
5. Teens should have the ability to ____ loneliness.
A. set up B. look after C. deal D. cope with
6. With a “To Do” list, you are less___________ to forget to do tasks.
A. alike B. likely C. likely than D. like

Reading: (2.5p)
Passage 1: Read the passage and choose the best answer:
Each summer, the Winant and Clayton Volunteer program sends a group of Americans to volunteer in London for seven weeks and provides housing and a small stipend to help defray the high cost of living. After seven weeks of volunteering, participants have two weeks to travel independently before returning to London to evaluate the program and get their flight back to the United States.
The application includes a few short essays, a series of questions about the type of placement one would prefer, and an informal interview with former volunteers that gives applicants a chance to find out more about the program.
Deciding to participate takes a small leap of faith. The roster of volunteer placements and housing options can change from year to year and volunteers can’t choose their placement in advance. But once you’re accepted you instantly feel that you’ve joined a close-knit group. The volunteer coordinator is in frequent contact through mailings and e-mails to help you prepare for the trip, and there is a daylong orientation in New York that bring all the volunteers together before departure for London.
1. What can the volunteers do after seven weeks of volunteering?
A. They can return to London.
B. They can get their flight back to the United States.
C. They can have two weeks to travel independently.
D. They can have two weeks to evaluate the program.
2. How does the volunteer coordinator keep in contact with you?
A. Through mailings and e-mails. C. Through radio and cell phone.
B. Through television and newspaper. D. Through telephone and e-mails.
3. How long do a group of Americans volunteer in London?
A. Each summer B. Seven weeks C. Three weeks D. Two weeks
4. What does the Winant and Clayton Volunteer program provide them with?
A. Transportation C. Foods and clothes
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