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Người gửi: Đặng Thị Mỹ Uyên
Ngày gửi: 15h:46' 07-05-2019
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Topic 1: cause and effect of global warming, some possible solutions
Intro: - global warming, the rise in temperature arround the Earth’s atmosphere, is one of the biggest issues facing humans nowadays.
Body: -cause:
+ CO2 emmissions
Ex: use too much transports, factory release emissions into the atmosphere
+ cutting down on forest for wood,paper
+ main reason is awareness of people. Greediness of people who want to earn benefits despite of harming to the environment.
+ rise sea level: make millions of people lose their homes.
+ natural disaster such as drought and flood => lead to famine and delay economic growth.
+disappearance of millions of spieces.
+use the public transport like bus or transport protect the environment like electric bike.
+plan more tree.
+raise the awareness of people.
Conclusion: global warming is a matter of great concern for people so we have to take some actions now to reduce the risk.

Topic 3: how can you prepare for higher education?
Intro: higher education is an important stage of each student, is the begining step of our dream.
- take an English text like IELTS to improve my English skills.
+ because E is very usual in our life
+ have good E skill, have more chance to get a good job.
- earn a mount of money from working part-time at a restaurant of caffee to have: experiences in life, social skills, reduce a part of fees for my parents.
-learn how to live independently: take care of yourself, how to cook, do everything by yourseft.
Conclusion: higher education is an important stage so you should prepare carefully for your future. ( hết ý bà rồi, tự kết đi tụi, t thấy kết hơi bị dở).

Topic 6: which major would you like to study after leaving high school? Why?
Intro: everyone has their own dreams. The major which i’m pursuing after leaving high school is medicine.
- curing for people and the patients
+ help them overcome the paint, evil diseases.
+ bring smile for them and their family
+ no more regretful tears.
=> have the better and happier life
- have passion to study new medicine or new treatment.
+curing diseases which haven’t studied yet.
+help the medicine of VN develop and qualitative to compete other countries => attract the patients in the world come in VN to cure => earn a great deal of money => develop economic growth.
Conclusion: medicine is my favorite major because it carries out an important mission, which bring smile and life for millions of peole. So, I’ll try my best to study alots to complete my dream.
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