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12099162 Kính chào các thầy, cô. Khi cài đặt phần mềm , trên PowerPoint và Word sẽ mặc định xuất hiện menu Bộ công cụ Violet để thầy, cô có thể sử dụng các tính năng đặc biệt của phần mềm ngay trên PowerPoint và Word. Tuy nhiên sau khi cài đặt phần mềm , với nhiều máy tính sẽ...
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A. coughts B. sings C. stops D. sleeps
A. signs B. profits C. becomes D. survives  
A. generous B. suspicious C. constancy D. sympathy
A. finish B. prefer C. enjoy D. become
Peter:  “ I don’t think I can do this.” Lan : “_______________________.” A. Oh, come on. Give it a try.          B. Yeah, it’s not easy. C. No, I hope not.                            D. Sure, no way!
 “I like your hair.” “_____”
A: Yeah, he is. B: Thanks C: It’s long enough. D: I don’t mind it.
At times, this can be risky, and the keepers have been injured and one has been killed.
A. good B. useful C. healthy D. secure
In thefirsttwodecadesofitsexistence,thecinemadevelopedrapidly.
A. shortly B. sluggishly C. leisurely D. weakly
Thanh Hoa is well-knownfor its beautiful beaches and seafood.
A. rich B. successful C. honest D. famous
That competition was sponsored by the host country.
A. limted B. financed C. finished D. tested
They volunteer to take care of children who have been ______ by the AIDS epidemic.
a. supported b. suffered c. left d. orphaned
It`s filthy` in here! Are there any volunteers to help ______? a. light up b. clean up c. clear up d. take up
Schools need ______ to help children to read and write. a. volunteers b. pioneers c. engineers d. innovators
I felt my face burning with ________. a. confidence b. enthusiasm c. pleasure d. embarrassment
The anniversary of the founding of the charity falls _______ 12thNovember.
a. in b. on c. at d. to
We are going to have my house _______ tomorrow morning.
a. paint b. painting c. painted d. to be painted
Sally`s low test scores kept her from _______ to the university.
a. admitting b. to admit c. to be admitted d. being admitted
The man _______ the phone told me you were away.
a. whom answer b. who answer c. answered d. answering
_______ the consequences, I would never have contemplated getting involved.
a. If I realised b. When I had realised c. Unless I realised d. Had I realised
________ it was a formal dinner party, James wore his blue jeans. a. Since b. Even though c. Until d. Only if
His teacher encouraged him taking part in the international piano competition.
A. encouraged B. taking C. in D. competition
Despitemodern medical technology, many diseases causing by viruses I are still not curable
A. Despite B. modern C. many D. caused
Passing a driver`s test is a necessity requirement for all people wishing to drive a motor vehicle.
A. passing B. necessity C. all D. drive
A literate population is a necessity for any nation wishing to take advantage of modern technological growth. For instance, research has shown a direct relationship between literacy among women and improved health` and child care in the family. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has long supported the concept that education must be considered an ongoing process.
Adult education has long been important in Europe, where formal programs began in the 18th century. In Britain, concern for the education of poor and working-class people resulted in the growth of adult education programs, such as the evening school and the, Mechanic`s Institute, to expand education opportunities for all people: ,After the Russian Revolution, the Russian government virtually eliminated illiteracy through the establishment of various institutions and extension classes for adults.
In other areas of the world, adult education movements are of a more recent origin. In 1960, Egypt established a `schools for the people` system designed to educate the adult population. In the 1970s, countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America began to increase opportunities for adult education. Innovative programs involving the mass media are being used in many countries. Tanzania, for example, has used mass education techniques and the radio to organize national education programs in health, nutrition, and citizenship. In the 1980s, international educational exchange programs grew in popularity in the United States and many other countries.
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