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Ngày gửi: 17h:07' 07-01-2009
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Time 45ms

I/Choose the correct answer : (4ms)
1.”…….. was your vacation in Nha Trang?”-It was worderful
a.How b. What c. When d.Which
2.Did you ………anything there? a.bought b. buy c.did d.brought
3.Most children feel …………when they come to see the dentist.
a.sad b.happy c.scared d.serious
4.I know how to take care ……. My self . a.of c.about d.on
5.Every year millions of people………the cold a.caught b.catching c.catch catch
5.Minh was sick so the doctor ……….his temperature a.hold b.took c.had d.shown
6.Don’t forget to wash your hand ……meals a.before b. after .c.beside
Nga is learning ……. sew to sew c.sewing d.what to sew
8.Remember ………… your teeth every day a.wash b.brush c.iron
9 Would you …….. your mouth,please ? open d. opened d.opening
10.The nurse ……….my height a. measure b. to measure c.measured d.measue
11. Lan sometimes…… the zoo a.goes b.go c.went going
12.Yesterday, I…….many gifts for him on the trip to Ha Noi buying going to buy c. buy d.bought
13 Is the dortor checking David’s health?
a.Yes ,he does b.Yes ,he is c. Yes, he is checking d. he is
14.I had ……… yesterday a. headache b. a headache c. the headache d much headache
15.D id your mother take you a cake ? a. no ,he did b .yes she did c. yes ,she didn’t
16. We ……… Ha Long Bay last summer vacation
a.are visiting
b.will visit c.visit d. visited
II/match each the sentences in column a with a suitable one in column b (1.5)

1.What ‘s the matter? A.20.000 dong
B. Because it’s bad for you

2.why don’t we eat too much candy ? C.One meter 50 citimeters
3.did you go school last night? D.I stayed at home
4.How tall are you ? E. I have a head ache
5.What did you do yesterday ? F. No, I didn’t
6. How much are the bananas?
III/Read .the choose the best answer
Dr .Lan is a dentist at Quang Trung school .She looks after all the students’teeth.Dr .Lan’s is clean and so is her uniform .She always washes her hands after each child laeves.Many chidren are scared when they come to see Dr .Lan ,but she is a kind woman .She explains what will happen so they are not afraid.
Dr .Lan gives the children advice .She tells them how to look after their teeth.She reminds them to clean their teeth regularly.
Choose the best answer ( 2ms)
1. What is Dr.Lan’s job? A. doctor B. nurse D. Teacher
2.What clothes does Dr.lan wear to work? A. uniform b. red c. blue d.casual
3.How do most children feel when they come to see Dr.Lan?
a.happy b.scare c.tired d .pleased does Dr.Lan help these children?
a.look after their teeth b. clean their teeth c. wash their teeth d. a and b are correct
VI .Use the correct tense in the flowing sentences ( 2,5)
Hoa was born Hue , but she ( live /lives/lived ) in Ha Noi with her aunt and uncle. She
(to go / go / went / goes) to Ha Noi two years ago.Now she
( studied /study /studies) at Quang Trung school.Yesterday ,(was /is /were/are) her birthday and she ( have /had / has /haved) a small party with her friends.

Good luck to you

School :Nguyen Van Linh The test of seventh form ……april, 2008
Class: 7………………. Time (45minutes)

I/Choose the correct answer(3ms)
1.“Tom and jerry
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