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Ngày gửi: 12h:25' 22-11-2016
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Class : 7 Subject : English

Comments :

I. Listen and decide the statements are true or false . Tick in the correct column

1. Mi enjoys collecting glass bottles

2. She started her hobby four years ago

3. Her father shares this hobby with her

4. She thinks collecting glass bottles is difficult

5. She can make flower vases or lamps from these bottles

6. She will continue her hobby in the future

II.A reporter is asking Phuc the reasons why she does volunteer. Listen to the conversation and fill one word in each gap to complete the table for her ideas.

1. Phuc does ………………. Work because he can make a difference in his country

2. He feel much more …………………………

3 Volunteer is ……………….. to him because she can help others

4. He can see how………………the street children are when they learn

I. Phonetics : Circle the word having different sound in the underlined part.
1. A. usually B. sister C. season D. sometimes
2. A. chemistry B. school C. machine D. character
3. A.was B. walk C. water D. wall
4. A. hot B. pot C. bottle D. sport
II. Circle the best answer : (1,25points)
1.I like beef noodle soup and my friends do ,………..
A. too B. so C. either D. neither
2. He is a famous …………….His paintings are well-known all over the world
A. poet B. singer C. painter D. musician
3. Her hobbies are …………photos and collecting toys
A. collecting B. taking C. playing D. writing
4. There isn’t ……….water in the bottle.
A. a B. an C. some D. any
5. Orange juice is my favourite ……………
A. food B. drink C. dish D. recipe
III. Circle and correct the mistake in the following sentences : (0,75point)
1.How many rice do you need ? – Two kilos of rice
2. My sister’s appearance is very different with mine
3. Mr Lan doesn’t like drinking green tea and I don’t like ,too
I. Read the passage about Charlie Chaplin and choose the best answer.
Charlie chaplin was an English actor, director, producer , and composer. He is known as the most creative person of the silent –film era. Charlie Chaplin’s portrayl of the tramp won the hearts of people all over the world.
Chaplin was born in Londonon the 16th of April ,1889.He spent his childhood in poverty and hardship. In 1910he began to perform pantomime in the United States. He first appeared on screen in 1914. He created his world -famous character, the Tramp, and he played this classic role in more than 70 films during his career. He also composed background music for most of his films. In 1972 Chaplin received an Honorary Academy Award for the “ the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century . Chaplin died on the 25th of December, 1977, at his home in Switzerland
1.What did Charlie Chaplin work as?
A. an actor B. a director C. a composer D. all are correct
2. When was he born ?
A. the sixteenth of April,1889 B. April 16th, 1910
C. the 16th of April ,1914 D. December 25th,1977
3. In about how many films did he play the Tramp?
A. seventeen B. seventy C. twenty five D. sixteen
4. Which of the following is not True
A. He started appeaaring in films in 1914
B. He was famous for his character “ the tramp”
C. He was a famous artist
D. He died in Switzerland
II. Read the following passage then decide if the statements are true or false:(1,5points)
Vietnamese people of have three meals a day – breakfast
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