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Người gửi: Nguyễn Tấn Nhật
Ngày gửi: 20h:59' 08-12-2016
Dung lượng: 91.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 1202
Số lượt thích: 0 người
ENGLISH GROUP Subject: English – Grade 12 TD
Thời gian: 45 phút
Họ tên học sinh: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SBD: . . . . . . . . .Lớp: 12A1 . . .
Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the other words:
1. A. internet B. challenging C. message D. accessible
2. A. inhabitant B. important C. facility D. opportunity
Read the passage below and choose the correct answer to each of the following questions:
You can`t go anywhere these days without hearing the buzz of mobile phone. If that noise isn`t enough to drive you mad, have you noticed that people who use mobile phones have louder voices than everyone else? When you shout that loudly, you don`t need a phone, the person you are calling will probably hear you anyway.
People who have mobile phones say that they can`t live without them, but they managed quite well before they had them. You cannot escape them; you hear them on buses and trains, in street, at the supermarket, even in places where you expect it to be quiet, like cinemas, theaters and libraries. Is there anything more annoying than having to listen to unnecessarily loud voices talking to people who aren`t there, while you are trying to enjoy a pleasant diner at a "quiet" restaurant? I find it rude and antisocial. Even school kids have mobile phones now. A teacher I know told me not long ago that lessons were often interrupted by phones ringing.
More seriously, mobile phones can be dangerous. According to the police, about a quarter of all road accidents are caused by people driving while using mobile phones.
3. What is the writer`s aim in the article?
A. To say what the police think about mobile phones B. To express his/her dislike of mobile phones
C. To describe the benefits of mobile phones. D. To give information about mobile phones.
4. What is the writer`s main complaint?
A. Mobile phones are antisocial. B. Mobile phones are very dangerous
C. You cannot have private conversations. D. We cannot live without mobile phones.
5. How does the writer feel about using mobile phones in public places?
A. worried B. excited C. annoyed D. sick
6. What does the writer think?
A. Children do not go to lessons anymore. B. Children should not talk on the phone.
C. Children shouldn`t talk loudly during lessons. D. There are interruptions to lessons because of mobile phone.
7. Which of the following signs would the writer like to see in restaurant?
A. Do not disturb. People are eating. B. Using a mobile phone is dangerous.
C. Do not eat and talk at the same time. D. Please turn your mobile phone off.
Choose the underlined part that needs correction:
8. Life expectancy has increased a great deal in spite of modern medicine and technology.
A. Life expectancy B. has increased C. in spite of D. technology
9. You can use the Internet to find information and chatting with friends.
A. can use B. find information C. with friends D. chatting
10. Harry told that he had been to Africa and that it was very interesting.
A. had been B. told that C. interesting D. that
11. We carried out our friendship through letters; he was a pen pal.
A. pen pal B. through C. carried out D. friendship
Choose the sentence (A, B, C or D) that is closest in meaning to the one provided in italics:
12. A bridge has been built across the river. This is very convenient.
A. Once a bridge has been built across the river, it is very convenient.
B. A bridge has been built across the river, which is very convenient.
C. A bridge has been built across the river which is very convenient.
D. A bridge has been built across the river, so this is very convenient.
13. Mary loves learning English, but she is not very good.
A. Although Mary enjoys learning English, she doesn`t learn well.
B. Mary likes learning English because she is not very good at
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